• me me me me me me me me....
  • Negative on the high maintenance model types. Short, skinny, small breasted, pale complexion, not blonde, brainy and with a sense of humor. Big-eyed-anime face (actually hentai). Blue jeans, t-shirt, old tennis shoes with a paperback book in her back pocket. The t-shirt should say "I'm with fugly!" followed by an arrow that points to me.
  • Not me. Pretty faces yes, but thin no. I want curves.
  • Absolutely not, I cannot stand girls like that. The majority of them are arrogant bitches, are too into themselves, and get everything gift-wrapped and handed to them only because they look great. Personality can be non-existent for girls like that. I prefer a sweet, kind, affectionate girl who smiles a lot, is compassionate, loving, and takes care of herself. She doesn't have to be physically perfect at all.
  • It's funny, there is this crazy reverse-stigma on liking attractive people. Liking attractive people is likened to being shallow, so people go the complete opposite way and say something analogous to "oh, no - I don't like models, give me someone with a brain!" Isn't that equally as shallow? Judging someone based solely on looks? That said, high fashion models I don't find attractive. Their slightly shorter, significantly bustier, counterparts in the lingerie and swimsuit industries I do find attractive. People like Marisa Miller and Adriana Lima.
  • Almost all the models I've seen look sickly, and permanently mad. It's like they're not allowed to smile, lest a wrinkle appear somewhere on their face. It's depressing. No thanks.
  • Not not kicking few hot looking women out of bed, but I prefer my women with a little junk in the trunk.
  • No thank you! I like curves on a woman! Curvy Girls (Jolly rogers) I’ve traveled all over and one thing I have found Skinney girls have nothing to wrap your arms around I’ve been to every corner of this great big world And found there’s nothing better than a curvy curvy girl Chorus: Nothing can compare with the natural curves I love Even when I’m sleeping it’s curvy girls I dream of Curvy girls are lovely, curvy girls are great Curvy girls make me want to master… own fate So if you’re out there looking listen to these tips Find an ample bosom and some child bearing hips An hourglass figure with all the curves just right That’s the best thing in the world to keep you warm at night Chorus: I know those waifish models are what they say are hot But what I am looking for those girls just ain’t got I’ll stick with these curvy girls, they give me so much joy And you can keep the models they’ll look like great teen boys. Chorus: More than a handful’s wasted, well I say that’s just bull For I have two good hands and they should be full If you want my attention, then here’s a sure bet All you need to do is flash me a curvy sillouette Chorus: (Repeat once)
  • No wonder
  • err.. a lot of them look more like young boys, than beautiful women. I think this is simply answered by the fact that most of the designers are GAY! hello!
  • I only like ugly chicks, personally.
  • ehh okay maybe, but most of them are too thin... i like a little meat on my bones so i can get in some good eating... i am a hungry man...
  • nice to look at but not real. i prefer a real women with curves, a nice smile and a personality.
  • Who doesnt like to date models. Most of the girl I date are not models, but they have the model build. Size 0-2 and 100-110 pounds.
  • most are too thin
  • Growing up, practically all of us liked women who looked like that. I remember at Uni the one guy I knew who liked...shall we say: "heavier girls". But I grew up mostly in the Northeast. Now that I'm in the South...well, it seems that the guys here generally have a very different taste in women than myself and the guys I knew growing up. Or...maybe it's because I'm working among a very different sort of "class" of people now than previously. In any case: where and when I live now, it's hard to find a guy who prefers what I consider to be a beautiful woman. Quite the opposite of my early (first 30) years.

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