• i really wonder that all the time. i dont understand it. not all black people, but some will say they have the right because of the whole slavery thing... and to me thats an excuse. because the younger generations never had to go through that. and even if slavery had an effect on them... why not be the better person? i dont really know the reasons as to why its tollorable but i think thats its pretty messed up for ANYONE to get away with making fun of other races and discrimination. and the black people who poke fun at white people all the time are just as at fault as anyone else. (i know im going to get rated done on this but oh well)
  • Blacks have sufferd more Being takin from our own continent nad being force into slavery for 600 years fighting for equal rights then going through segregation. What have whites suffered besides holocaust
  • It's all to do with history and it really is about time we all put the past behind us and dealt with NOW.
  • Very difficult to believe that could happen. Even if so, The main reasons may be that the past experience and insecurity in the minds of coloured people.
  • i dont agree with any racial slur or joke. but being that us (african americans) are constently reminded that we were brought hear against our will and that the judicial system and constitution where not designed for us(african americans). you may not agree with that last staement but think when the constitution was made in 1787 and think about what was going on with blacks in that time period. it was just in the 1960's when it was possible for blacks to vote with no restrictions and they still had the schools seperated. even though blacks could vote it still was hard with the posiblity of being linched(hanging a person from a tree)and many other tactics where put in use to stop blacks from voting.some choose to take it out any way they can. some may not want to admit that racism still exist heavily in the us but it does but no one would know that unless they were in our shoes. i on the other hand choose to take each person for who they are not because of what nationality they are. even though i dont like the word race because we are all one race just differennt nationality's. that word was created to divide people from differnet backgounds form each other. we all bleed we all our fragile and can die.
  • Only in few West African villages but they usually just took africans who were in a forest away from their village or raid the villages at night for slaves
  • It's all about double standards!
  • Some were sacrficed too!! why do you have to get so pissed at me for? I know they gave up their own people but you also have to realize some were kidnapped too!!
  • racist jokes are bad no matter who says them. as far as the slavery thing goes its in the past let it be. everyone can come up with a reason to be mad at someone else for something that happen in the past, but with out a history in your past your nobody. im part native american and i think what was done the the natives of this country was wrong, but im not reminding everyone of it everyday. but it makes me who i am i just gald to say im a real american. so stop with the bad jokes towards others and you will get respect from others.
  • Because the people and the nobody in your question empathize so strongly with blacks or are black.
  • Racism is generally not tolerated in western society. That being said, racism is not simply the belittling of one race or another, but a negative push at a race by another from a position of power. You could call Custer a racist for hating Indians, but it is problematic to call an Indian from that period a racist for hating whites. The fact remains that despite a great deal of progress since the 1960's black people are still overrepresented in prisons, and underrepresented in politics. I won't go through every level of class difference between the majority of white and black people; it suffices to say that true equality has not yet been reached. White people are still very much in control. A joke against the black race, or any minority ethnic group in a country, is considered to be an extension of the power structure that is weighted against them. To ridicule a person for their race, which is already seen to be less advantaged, is seen as a form of persecution. When the situation is reversed, the joke comes off more as a form of rebellion and indignation at the power structure. Picture a work environment. If a worker cracks a joke about the boss, it is considered funny. If the boss heard it, he might be personally insulted, but it wouldn't feel like persecution of the management class. If the boss were to come out and start making jokes about the workers, he would be considered petty and mean spirited, and the jokes would be perceived as an instrument of the upper classes persecuting the lower ones. This isn't a perfect example, but it illustrates how relationships of power greatly affect how a joke is perceived.
  • I have also noticed in black sitcoms, whites are portrayed as duffish, bumbling idiots. Reverse discrimination at its best...
  • To be hoenst, I've never seen that. Maybe a few times but I think that ultimately, it has to do with your enviornment and what the people in that specific enviornment find acceptable (posisbly due to the history and race relaitons in that area). I have a good number of black and white friends. I've noticed that my white friends can make "racist" jokes about black people and most of the time no one else will say anything (excluding myself). Out of my black firends, whenever they say racist things about whites you can usually bet that one person will tell them to stop or give a postive comment about that race (if not then, later on that day). It all depends on the individual. I've heard equally hateful things come from both groups. So, to be honest I haven't noticed the double standard. Also, it has to do with the joke, how it ocmes across, and how insenstive it is. watch comedians and see how it's done. Some are funny when making race jokes, others are just, well...not and it comes off as racist.
  • your high scoring 3 dollar words have no effect on me....I see your "woe is the black man" card you are trying to play here. if you think that people of black color deal with more hardships than any other race, then you are delusional...there is no debate, I feel sorry for no one....and I see people as individuals sir, not as giant racial single minded know nothing of my thoughts. damn it...I meant that for the guy below...comment, not answer...sorry.
  • My question is why do people believe white people don't make jokes about black people and try to pretend racial joke is a one way street. Last time I check a white guy owns Family guy and American dad black jokes. During that comedian amateur nationwide jokes I heard black jokes. Every now and again you'll hear em on late night TV. Robot Chicken got them, Steve Colbert lis goes on I get sick of people trying to create double standards. Far as im concern everybody is equally getting dumped on
  • I think it is all a matter of prospective, most "white jokes" told by black comedians tend to speak about there behavior. the way they walk or talk, or generalizations about the culture (such as the spoiled children that want everything) the only issues with jokes about race are actually from people that are not comedians, I have heard white comedians make fun of blacks, and found it funny (when they try to use the urban speak, or slang)but I have heard degrading generalizations by non comedians and that is normally the problem (some senator or something saying, well you know they all just want to have babies and get on welfare) then they claim it as a "joke". fact is, if you are black or white, no generalization really fits you, so i take it all in stride.
  • I don't understand why anyone would be against racial jokes, every race has some for the other races and their own. Everyone nowadays is trying to get rid of all the differences between everyone instead of embracing them. IF IT'S FUNNY IT'S FUNNY, people need to stop being so uptight and just laugh. I laugh my ass off at jokes on every ethnicity, culture, religion and region and lot of of the times even harder at ones directed at my race, culture, country, etc
  • because of all the cry babying come on its just a joke. I've been called honky, cracker, and redneck and laugh about. I am one of the biggest redneck and i take pride in it. It's just overly sensitive people
  • Don't play the victim. Maybe in your small circle thats true, but don't make huge generalzations. I am a sophomore in high school and I know enough, not to make race jokes. They are not told in my school, church, or house. But I assume from the question that you tell black "jokes".
  • I guess it's just sensless backlash. How many movies have come out in the last 20 years with black comedians dressing up like and imitating white people? Lots, and it's apparently ok. Maybe it was just backlash from all of the blackface films made prior to equal rights for blacks which were ok back then to do. Either way I think it all comes down to people getting bent out of shape about race. I think we all need to step back and have a laugh at ourselves and our cultures and then we can all laugh at each other.

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