• Stuck a pair of scissors to my husbands should have seen his face:)
  • Not see, I mean you really can't see when you're blind and all...
  • Donkey Punch
  • i have never been that angry
  • Kicked my car and broke my big was bleeding out from under the toenail. :-(
  • punched my ex in his face... i shoved him into the wall once too! I am a peaceful person... but he brought out the worst in me!!
  • I punched a large hole in the kitchen wall.
  • Someone pissed me off so i tore there bathroom apart.The door ended up in 13 pieces.
  • Said some really horrible things. Haven't and won't get that way again ..<hopefully>.
  • Punched doors off their hinges, punched holes in walls, punched things generally...
  • i recall this bigger, older boy on my street was harassing & bullying me when i was 6 years old. he was calling me racial slurs too. i got so mad i ended up chomping down on his leg like a pit bull and not letting go. he screamed so loud my dad came running out of the house and tried to pull me off of him. but i didnt let go so easy. i remember breaking the skin and drawing blood. my parents seriously disciplined me for attacking the kid. but that punk didnt bother me anymore.
  • Burnt all her stuuf, then broke into her house with a gang of friends and trashed the place. She came down the stairs to see what the racket was about and as soon as I saw her I beat the fuck out of her. I said if she told the police I would hunt her down and shoot her. I wasnt joking.
  • Was trying to grab the outer door (which had glass on top half) to slam it but didn't see (blind rage) that it was already closed and stuck my arm through, punching a hole in it. Some of it shattered, but there was a tall, triangular shard that stayed in the frame, and as I unthinkingly and shockedly (word?) pulled my hand back, my wrist hit the top of this shard, hitting the vein, spluttering it open. It was winter, icy highways, and the ER was 15 min. away; my ex drove over 100 mph. I wouldn't wrap it tightly because I remember my old girl scout training that tourniquets were "bad", so I had blood all over inside this huge men's winter coat I had picked up at the thrift store, and my clothes. As I went into the ER, the nurse asked me what I was there for and I opened my coat, and she turned white and started to faint, but then waved me directly waiting that time! Later, a friend who was a med student there told me they rarely saw things like that in this small college town ER. They stabilized me and got the on-call surgeon, who turned out to be a brain surgeon, to sew me up, including the vein. I took a look at the hole before he did it, it was cool in a gross way. While we were gone, our roommate came home...apparently we had left the front door open. From the trail of blood and glass, he thought either a serial killer had been messy, or my bad temper had flared. I have since worked on my anger management skills.
  • I have said some things that I really bad things. Left me feeling horrible & ashamed:(
  • When I was younger after arguing with my dad I poured gasoline all over our pool deck and set it on fire. My parents put out the fire and I had to repair the deck.
  • Screamed and...kicked the guy where the sun don't shine.
  • I threw the basement door that was already off its hinges, down the basement stairs and it went through the wall.
  • i threw my boyfriend's laptop across the room
  • Slammed my fist on the floor and knocked my little finger and next finger knuckles out of joint. I pulled them back into joint and didn't use that hand very much/well for a couple of weeks.
  • In Vietnam I Killed 18 North Vietnamese Dink's after they Killed and dismembered and humiliated 8 US soldiers. But I wasn't Blind, I knew exactly what I was doing! I Haven't lost my temper since. It was traumatic and dramatic point of my life, every thing since I've been under control!
  • I used to punch holes in walls as a teenager. Until I hit the wrong kinda wall and broke my hand! ;-)
  • You don't want to know.
  • Broke a window

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