• With a joke.
  • You could: talk about how in modern days there is so much entertainment available, and how entertainment has changed through the ages Start with a definition Personal statement about your use of entertainment List the types Start from the start (Entertainment first began with...) I dont know what else, use your imagination! Hope it helped
  • In the era of attention deficit, the first line has to be a real snapper. Here are some first lines from James Thurber. "Once upon a sunny morning a man who sat in a breakfast nook looked up from his scrambled eggs to see a white unicorn with a golden horn quietly cropping the roses in the garden." (The Unicorn in the Garden) "I suppose that the high-water mark of my youth in Columbus, Ohio, was the night the bed fell on my father." (The Night the Bed Fell) These are openings that would spur alomst any reader to keep reading. They are crisply written and use imagery to capture attention. I doubt that these were the first sentences that Thurber wrote for these pieces. They probably came to him after the writing was well underway. Whatever aspect of your topic that you find easy to write about is where you should start. Don't worry if what you are writing is nowhere near the beginning. If you start sentences you can't finish, keep going. Don't stop to correct your work. The purpose is to capture your thoughts spontaneously. As you rework your work, you are likely to stumble upon your opening line when you aren't even thinking about it. It may suddenly dawn on you: "This will make a good first line." At this point, you are likely to be sick of your topic and wishing you had never started the thing. That's a sign that you are doing a good job.
  • by explaining that it was used for the sole purpose of entertaining royalty. and how the joker, was the very first entertainer, when the king of england was bored, he would call the joker out to entertain him
  • Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Four shots ripped into my groin and I was off on the biggest adventure of my life.
  • Get some paper, find a relaxing environment, and just write what ever pops into your head for a about an hour or so. Then think about entertainment, and write whatever pops into your head - doesn't have to be any good, and don't stop to correct spelling or grammar, you can do that later. This is called free-writing. It is great for starting a paper. This should be started as soon as possible after the assignment is given (I assume this is for school). Free-write until you are sick of it, then put it aside for a while and then go back and look at what you wrote. In general, you should be able to construct a decent (or even good) outline from the free writing. So now the hard part is done, you've started. If you're taking a class that involves writing, it's a good idea to do some free-writing everyday, even if only for a few minutes each day.
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