• It depends, to a large extent, on the fabric and the fruit mix: If it is pure fruit--fresh or jam or jelly or such, which only has sugar added--place the spot over a bowl with a rim larger than the spot. Let the fabric sag slightly rather than be taut. Pour boiling water gently over the spot and let the fabric sag a little more so that you can dunk it up and down gently in the water in the bowl. Since most fruit has a high level of sugar, the dissolving of the sugar by the hot water simply washes away any other fruit elements. If your fabric is largely synthetic, it may not be able to take the heat of the water. Some wools, silks, and satin finishes also are heat-vulnerable. For these I've often had success with the Shaklee product Basic-H at a lower temperature (lukewarm is usually best), but try it first where a spot won't show.

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