• Yes, I would consider it serious. For one thing, anyone can see that animals suffer greatly at the hands of abusive or neglectful owners. A healthy human being empathises with the animal and wants to alleviate that suffering, and that's reflected in animal protection laws. Beyond that, someone who abuses animals is also likely to abuse humans, because the mindset of cruelty has been demonstrated: this is someone who has been cut off from their natural compassion for other beings and is at least a problem waiting to happen in the human arena.
  • I think it is serious because it is violent. Normally someone who abuses animals has the potential to hurt other humans as well. Please note that I did not have pets growing up, though I have one now. I'm not an animal rights activist, but I do believe that hurting any living being is disgusting behavior.
  • Most certainly. And as to why or why not I can't put it any better than Stableboy has - a spot on answer.
  • Course it's a serious crime. Animals have feelings, abusing them is like abusing a person.
  • I think that it is a very serious crime. Inflicting harm/pain/suffering on any animal (including human...we are animals, too) is indicative of a lack of respect and compassion in a person (also signs of sociopathy).
  • Yes it is, animals are living creatures to and feel just as much pain as us. Every creature no matter how big or small is equally important to the earth, and for a person to abuse and neglect it when it could have a great life, is just cruel. And should be punished to the full extent of the law!
  • Yes, i would definitely consider it a serious crime. Why ? Because the person is abusing a poor unsuspecting animal that usually can't defend itself. It is cruelty, and in Australia,you can go to jail for it.
  • Absolutely! Studies have shown that children who abuse animals and show no remorse for their actions are likely to increase the severity of their actions and harm people. anyone who gets kicks from abusing a helpless animal obviously has an inferiority complex.
  • It is a terrible, terrible crime. Animals are part of divine creation and we must treat them with respect. Unfortunately, some think animals have no feelings, but they do.
  • yes because animals are not toys, they are companions and should never be treated like a football. EVER
  • Animals love. It's just plain wrong to hurt them.
  • absolutly! i think it's horrid. mistreating animals bothers me just as much if not more than mistreating people.
  • A history of animal abuse is a very common behavioural factor among serial killers. Anyone who enjoys the suffering of animals has some serious psychological issues to be dealt with. Animal life and human life is the same life!
  • All depends on what is defined as abuse, what is being inflicted on the animal pleasure or cruelty/pain. Do you really think giving pleasure to an animal is abuse if the animal lies there and lets you continue?
  • Animal cruelty is an indicator of some very difficult pathology. The person who is cruel to animals is likely to be just plain cruel to everyone. Animals deserve dignity and respect and torturing them is serious.
  • Yes very serious, I love animals and I have had many pets. I think they are just like people, they need to be loved, feed, and taken care of just like a person would need. We wouldn't want our parents beating us or abusing us when we were little so why do it to a animal? Hope that helps.
  • YES. If it wasn't a crime, than millions, no billions of stupid, dumb, idiotic people would kill innocent animals.
  • Absolutely it is. Hurting anything that has a heart and a brain is murder. Be passionate for all living creatures!
  • hell ya its a crime
  • Yes a very serious crime.
  • When you hear words like, torture, mutilation, drowning, and beating do you think that the person responsible should be sent to jail? If so, it will shock you to find that only a small percent of the people who commit these crimes spend time in jail. Usually there is a fine of about $5,000 to 10,000 in Florida and the criminal is sent on their way, back on the streets to cause more pain and death. Something should be done; there should be stricter laws for people who commit these crimes to a man’s best friends. If you think that this topic does not pertain to us, in the year 2007 there were 1,913 cases for animal cruelty in the Florida. These cases included beating, neglecting, torturing, shooting, and fighting. However only 5% of these criminals spent time in jail, the others were given a maximum fine of $10,000 and sent on their way. Is $10,000 the Florida gets out of murder free card? Murder is Murder no matter what is being killed. More of these criminals need to spend time behind bars. If you are thinking that they are just animals, not people, I am not arguing that animals are exactly the same as us. However, I do disagree that animals are not human-like in their actions and that they help humans considerably by being a part of our lives. The American Red Cross is quoted in saying, “Visiting with animals can ease depression and loneliness and provide welcome changes to established routines.” This quote was taken after a study done at a Nursing home in Oklahoma. But this does not just include nursing homes. Do not forget about therapy animals, drug dogs, and your own animal at home that lifts your spirits after a hard day. Do we not owe it back to our companions to protect them as much as we can? Not only is the idea of more jail time for the well-being of animals, it is also for the well-being of us as well. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) says; “Researchers, as well as the FBI and other law enforcement agencies nationwide, have linked animal cruelty to domestic violence, child abuse, serial killings, and to the recent rash of killings by school-age children” Study cases in the United States have shown that people that commit some form of animal abuse are more likely to be violent towards humans, including child abuse and serial killings. If we become stricter on our punishments toward these criminals, maybe we can prevent more crimes against not only animals, but humans as well. Animal abuse is considered a felony in the United States; however it won’t make an impact unless we take it more seriously. Allowing these criminals to get away with torture and murder for a fine is unacceptable. How would you feel if this were to happen to your best friend, your friend that gives you unconditional love? It is our duty to protect these animals by putting these criminals behind bars. By doing this we can protect not only the animals, but our societies as well.
  • Yes, I do and the courts are finally starting to take it seriously. I hope Vick is enjoying his stay in prison!
  • I don't think its should be phelony seroius. But it's a terrible crime. I think its very wrong, and those people should be punished somehow.
  • Crime yes but serious not that much to me! I equate serious crimes to the murder or violent acts of human beings! I have a hard time saying that starving a human and an animal are on the same level even though both of them are crimes I just have a real problem with viewing a crime against an animal on the level of a human!
  • YES. Countries all over the world should promote humane treatment on all living creatures and the people should support that campaign as well. I agree to what Stableboy answered.
  • Not really a crime to begin with. But it's not "right" either. People who abuse anything will often be found wanton in all other matters. For example most serial killers tortured animals and insects as kids. Most woman abusers tend to have criminal tendencies at the workplace... etc etc

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