• Have you already paid the testing fee? If so, then he'll get it. Also 3 years old is too young for a child to be learning martial arts much less any other sport.
  • They will ask him to perform the moves they have tought him for his current level. If he passes he will recieve the next level belt.
  • i've never heard of a dojo testing three year olds, but dojos with younger kids almost never fail them. he'll do the moves/kata that he's learned so far (which won't be much beyond basic exercises), and he will probably have lots of assistance from the sensei. you will probably also watch other kids test for higher level belts, then there will be a ceremony where he gets his new belt and possibly a diploma (although this varies from dojo to dojo). you can help him review his moves at home.
  • Your child will be thrown into a pit where he shall have to fight tigers and use their corpses to construct a ladder out of it. Good luck!
  • I've never seen what they do with children, but when I got mine at 16 I had to show my skills on an opponent in a real match.
  • martial arts can be taught at any age, as early as the child becomes teachable. obviously your understanding of martial arts is limited to what you see on tv, breaking things and fighting people...
  • Your son will need to remember his basic katas or forms. They'll almost assuredly pass him.

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