• The lender will need assurance that you can pay it back. They will look at your income, your past payment record and your outstanding other debts. They will take your employment history and future prospects as well. Other factors will be the price of the house compared to the value of the other houses in the area, and the future value of the house. All of these things will be considered very strictly based on the availability of investment funds.
  • You will need STRONG credit, employment, income, asset, and housing history. Criteria are such that some lenders require a 700-720 median credit score in order to consider ANY borrower. Please keep in mind the property is also a consideration. Avoid all unusual properties (e.g., berm homes, A-frames, and other non-traditional contraction). Th larger the perceived risk (borrower or property), the higher the down payment will be required and the higher the interest rate you will be expected to pay. Interest rates and LTVs are an expression of risk and the lender's willingness to assume that risk.
  • To be God.
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