• 1-Whats wrong with the house you have now? 2-Will you be able to sell it now? 3-How many homes are currently for sale now in your area, and how long have thy been on the market? 4-For potential customers to qualify your residence for an FHA loan, FHA requires certain building standards, you may HAVE to fix it anyway to sell it. 5-If your local market is flooded, you may HAVE to fix it to make it competitive. 6-After fixing it, you may feel like you already have a new home! 7-How much will it cost to move your home, and buy a lot somewhere?
  • There is seldom a "good" time to buy a depreciating asset. Period. But if you must, chose the newer trailer, preferably one manufactured after 1990, as construction standard were dramatically improved in 1987. Have the home you wish to buy inspected, as you would a site-built home. Realize that, much the same as your current home, all mobile homes will eventually fall into disrepair that will cost more than their replacement. Double-wides are only slightly more marketable, but suffer from the same deficiencies.

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