• Do u have virus protection software on it???
  • It is hard to actually download something without your knowing it... and your spyware program should catch it if someone tried? most keyloggers work by a small little device attached externally to your ethernet or internet connection wires. Check the back of your tower.
  • Keystroke logging can be achieved by both hardware and software means. Hardware key loggers are commercially available devices which come in three types: inline devices that are attached to the keyboard cable, devices which can be installed inside standard keyboards, and actual replacement keyboards that contain the key logger already built-in. The inline devices have the advantage of being able to be installed instantly on desktop computers without integrated keyboards. When used covertly, inline devices are easily detected by a glance at the keyboard connector plugged into the computer. Of the three types, the most difficult to install is also the most difficult to detect. The device that installs inside a keyboard (presumably the keyboard the target has been using all along) requires soldering skill and extended access to the keyboard to be modified. However, once in place, this type of device is virtually undetectable unless specifically looked for.
  • I found some free ones that you can use, but I was not sure what operating system you are using, so just click this link, and choose the one you need. Good Luck→|platform=Windows&filterName=licenseName=Free|platform=Windows&tag=ltcol
  • Go to the the microsoft website and download the malicious software removal tool. It can run a quick scan and let you know if it detects anything. If it does, it will prompt you to run a full scan, which can take several hours. I use this tool a couple of times a month with no problems. :) Suzanne
  • i dont think you can know
  • most anti virus programs can spot a keylogger
  • The free version of Malwarebytes is pretty good at scanning for spyware etc.

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