• Find a best friend who doesn't boss you around
  • Stand up to them. It is just that simple. Don't be mean or vulgar, but just let them no you are no one's doormat. One time should be enough.
  • When you do not agree to a point or to an activity, tell it.
  • Demote him.
  • Don't do what your bf is telling you to, and you will have "made" them stop bossing you around.
  • Last best friend that tried bossing me around I ended up getting jack of it and stopped being friends. It made me stop liking her in the end because I knew I could change her she was just like that naturally. She also used to put me down heaps and I realised I didn't need that sort of crap.
  • it is difficult cause i was bossed around all throughout school and ended up resenting her and made new friends in college which she was not happy with... in the end i lost her friendship but after 9yrs of not talking we recently made up and she apologised for her behaviour and appreciated me keeping quiet even though she had said a lot untrue things about me when people questioned her about our loss of friendship... try and get out of it cause it seriously affects you. and only then she will realise what she is doing to you....
  • Try to reverse the situation by bossing him/her until her or he will have the same problem that you have

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