• That all depends on the individual, if he's not to good looking but full of himself, no. If he's gorgeous but lacking selfworth then yes. But in general probably as we always think that thay are obviously too good for us and we have no chance. p.s. like the shoes.
  • Not anymore. If I feel I got a chance and I'm attracted to her, I'm going after her.
  • Nope, im gay so they're boobie powers have no effect on me :)
  • Only when I don't have my shit together.
  • Not at all, i compliment beauty as i see it but im too prideful to admit when someone is better looking then i. But im gay so it really doesn't affect me either way. The guy i love, loves guys and i dont feel like he would leave me for a beautiful temptress.
  • Well, a little. I used to a lot, till I figured out that acting like Charles Bronson is a lot more appealing to them than acting like a preacher's boy. Once I sleep with them, I get a little intimidated by how they will react when I sneak out the back.
  • No, I have been rejected by so many women in my lfe time that I learned "no guts no glory!" so I started askeing out "10s" just cause I had no fear of the word "No" after all that is the worst that can happen.
  • Not at all. I actually feel a lot of scorn when I see them. The majority of them are the same---money-grubbing, fickle-hearted bitches who aren't satisfied with shit and have to have a pretty boy's cock or rich man's paycheck to live a somewhat comfortable life.
  • I don't, but some beautiful women feel overly secure. What makes them think I am going to like them based on looks alone?
  • I think a lot of young men probably do. It's the price we pay for living in a society fixated with physical appearance, rather than personality.
  • Hell no. I walk right on up and ask them their name, when they snear I yell "WHAT AIN'T YOU EVER SEEN A WAR HERO BEFORE, ALL I ASKED FOR WAS A PEN DAMNIT." They generally freak out and leave. Then I laugh. All in good fun, the b!tches.
  • Ok i think i am fairly attractive and im not a money ,grubbing, actually a sweetie pie. I get moody but i think thats normal for a woman...
  • Yes I think they do, well the majority anyway and there are the brave ones who do get the beautiful girls regardless. Generally guys see a beautiful woman, if they think they might not be successful (ie. if they feel intimidated) they will not approach and find another beautiful woman who seems less intimidating. I slowly realised this and that by acting less intimidating I got far more attention than being standoffish with anyone who approached my near vicinity. I recently spoke to a gorgeous guy who said that he would only approach a woman if he felt he wasn't going to get knocked back - even though he could have had anyone in the room - he still needed his ego massaging and a potential knockback would be left alone.
  • yes, for sure, and your beautiful foot is intimidating too:-)
  • I wouldn't feel intimidated but I would probably consider beautiful women to be out of my league. In general I would think that guys have to know their limits.
  • If they are prettier than me yes, but that happens rarely...
  • Yeah when i first meet them i do until i relax
  • For sure. I can't get comfortable around them unless I talk to them, get to know them a bit. But that takes quite a bit to get to.
  • Yes, they avoid them like the plague for fear of being turned down.....Silly boys. ;)
  • Well, with physical beauty comes an ugly mind, so I cannot really answer this question. I get intimidated by mean women.
  • Sometimes,it depends on how the guy feels at the time.I remember i used to feel intimidated by them,when i was younger,so i used to try and chat up,the not so pretty chicks until,they started rejecting me. I then had the forsight to just go and chat up,the good looking chicks and to my surprise it was easier,chatting them up then the not so pretty chicks.It gave my confidence a major boost,and now i only go for good looking chicks,pending on their personality and vibe
  • I tend to feel intimidated by really beautiful women I don't know, so I'm guessing they do too.
  • i feel like its a challenge ^-^ i get along with beautiful women well. no intimidation there. now really beautiful men? yes, i am intimidated by them. although i dont show it.
  • Some guys are cause they see these woman as unreachable. Its kind of a defense system as alot of average looking guys get used to being turned down by beautiful woman. The intimidation issue all stems from the mans fear of rejection.
  • Nope, but what I do know is that beautiful women are high maintaince.
  • I am definitely intimidated by beautiful women, especially the ones that I know and see every day. I feel more comfortable when I'm out drinking etc, where I know I'm unlikely to ever see them again even if I do embarrass myself. I don't really embarrass myself when I do this, but it doesn't give me more confidence with the other girls. I have a fairly negative perception of myself. So I always think that beautiful women will do nothing more than laugh in my face and then go tell their other beautiful friends that I tried to talk to her and they'll all laugh together about it. I will eventually relax, and I'm quite a likeable person in general (or so I'm told =S). I wouldn't do without them though. Just seeing a good looking girl brightens up your day. I love it. =P
  • oh yeah it's a big problem for me.

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