• Back up?
  • Every other night. I use a program that automatically backs up selected folders onto a second hard drive.
  • Not often enough.
  • Every week
  • Not often enough, alas.
  • When writing - I backup EVERYTHING every day. Usually on an hourly basis. I've had my computer go on the blink inbetween chapters 35 and 36...over 75,000 words went "gone" once, and since then, I've learned not to allow that to ever happen again. I did get my work back eventually (thank you hubby), but it was heartbreaking to think that all my work was gone in a blink of an eye.
  • Approx. once every year. Definitely not enough. But, I don't really have much important stuff in it, mostly music and games (would lose the saves)... My photos are kept backed up in my camera's SD card. I'm considering doing what Shiloh does, buying another HD for backup (and also plan to make a dual-boot with Linux).
  • I back up my computers about every six months, I don't have anything that important on them. All the music on my computers, are cd's that I own and just transfered them to my computers. My pictures are backed up on a couple of dvd's. I use the backup feature that is on windows xp.
  • I tried to on my Windows computer a couple of hours ago and discovered I need a bigger external hard drive. Now I know what I should have asked Santa :(
  • Once a week.
  • So far never, but then since my first computer crashed, and I lost all on the hard drive, I no longer keep anything I cannot afford to lose on the computer. All that goes to flashdrives. When I move on to my next computer (having Win 7 Pro), I'll back up to's too much crap to burn DVDs on XP Pro.

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