• In the past, if there was anything mankind could not explain it was attributed to gods or spirits. We couldn't understand how the Sun moved across the sky, so we thought, logically, that rock will only move when someone moves it. So the same logic was applied to the Sun, so we came up with the idea that a very powerful person moves it-a god (Apollo). The same logic was applied to lightning (Zeus) and waves (Neptune). People couldn't understand how objects can move across the room without us touching them so they thought it must be another form of a person that moved it, a spirit when in actual fact it is telekinesis. Once the belief that there is something there was established, it opened up a myriad of religions. In each society there were their own specific rules that they developed due to their past and what they learnt was the best way to survive in their specific environment. Mix rules and belief, what do you get-religion. If you look at most religions they say the same thing at the beginning: There is at least one divine of some kind, priphets informed us how the divines wanted us to live and they told us to be kind to one another. Then you have all of these ridiculous laws about circumcision and sacrafices that differ depending on where in the world you were born. We created the concept of God(s) and spirits, it's been kept alive by, as you say, the fact that it is a pleasant fantasy. It IS comforting to think that when someone close to you dies that you will see them again and that there is someone out there looking after us all but when you look at all of the explanations for things that are based upon this belief of such things are being disproven minute by minute. How many times do we have to disprove these theories before we throw out what these theories are based upon? In my opinion thay are imaginary friends, something created in the mind to help cope with what we cannot cope with without it. It's true, you cannot disprove gods and spirits, because you cannot disprove an imaginary friend to someone that truly believes it exists. All we can do is go by what the information in front of us suggests, which is that there are no such thing as gods or spirits! Bring on the bad reviews!
  • I believe God created man. From our toes to the hairs on our heads. I have many friends who think those of us who believe in Christ need to do so to help us deal with death etc.. and I respect that they choose to believe such things.. but I wake up and see such a beautifully created world for us each day and feel blessed.
  • I like this question very much, thanks! Have you read Terry Pratchetts books "small gods" or "little gods" where gods are actually dependant upon people because what's the point of a god if there's no one there to believe in them. So if God, does exist, perhaps we need to ask ourselves why he needed to create us?
  • God created us, we didn't create Him. There is a difference between Christianity and man's religion. Man's religion is about trying to get to God, or heaven, or wherever they are trying to get to, by his own effort. Whereas Christianity is how God came to us when we could not come to Him because of our sin. Man's religion is, although possibly containing some truths or moral principles, full of ignorance of the real Truth and lacks knowledge of the true God, thus, creating their own gods and myths, not knowing the Truth. Christianity, on the other hand, is historical fact. Jesus proved to us that He was indeed the Son of God by doing what religion could never do--purchase our salvation with His own blood. He also did what Buddha, Muhommad, Confucious,etc. could never do... He rose from the dead! He conquered death and He is the Truth.(see John 14:6) Thank you and God bless you!
  • A very atheist answer: Humans are naturally hierarchical creatures. We like to know where we are who we are superior to, who we are inferior to. Of course, if we are inferior to somebody, we want that somebody to be a pretty good somebody, not the jerks who actually crawl to the top of the human pile. So we hypothesize a perfect Somebody who we are all inferior to, and who is so good and powerful that it is obviously right that we are inferior to them. And this makes us comfortable, because even the to jerks have someone to answer to who will sort out all the problems in the world - eventually - and call the jerks to account.
  • A simple answer so not to waffle on and on. Man definitely created religion and gave the name God to whatever created the universe. Something existed or still does otherwise nothing would have happened to get us here.
  • No, I think the circumstance was much more primitive than that like thunder, rain, a volcano, the wind. The concept evolved from then to fit the needs of men. Logic says that as we continue to evolve and develop, the concept will disappear altogether, I don't see that happening any time soon
  • Nope. From archeology we came to know that religion was (and always has been) something to bring people together. Even today it's religion that defines states and people - but they're just in denial about it. It's religion that acts as the legal core for a state to work. Hence why no successful state has ever been atheist. God is an entirely different matter however, People don't just start "believing" one day. Also, it's a myth that all "gods" were worshipped. Most were just scientific or philosophical placeholders for phenomena and events that mathematics and knowledge could not describe at the time. Yet they were far more progressed than people of today. We may have better technology than them, but they were far more integrated and productive societies.

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