• i'd like to know that as well
  • it's because the mayans and Nostradamus supposedly predicted it.
  • The Aztec Calendar ends at December __ 2012, which has been predicted to be the end of the world. Really it is the end of some Aztec Society Ritual thing, but since they predicted so many natural diasters and horrible things that 2012 has been predicted as the end of the world. Don't worry, the Particle Accerlator didn't kill us, and the Aztec Calender wont either.
  • the aztec calendar...they ran out of room for more years at the year 2012. some say, it was the end of a cycle. some say, the black planet will return that year. lots of people have written books about 2012 and made fortunes. we all want to know about the future. so in four years, the beginning of december, a planet or star will appear between the earth and the sun and will cause havoc with our gravity. the surface of the earth will rise and fall, new continents will form...the human being will be lucky to survive.
  • Oh my goodness. I wish people would leave that alone. Nothings going to happen if were lucky enough!
  • mY THEORY IS THAT THE POLE SHIFT WILL OCCUR WHEN DEMOCRATS WILL LOOSE ELECTION TO THE REPUBLICANS,JUST THE SAME AS WHEN THE REPUBLICANS GOT THE BLAME FOR NOT BEING know the pole shift! Einstein Predicted the polar shift,as well as other people,thus concluding that they are literally the writers of future politics.
  • 2012 isn't new to the whole 'end of the world' scare. The ancient Mayans had December 20th or 21st of 2012 marked the end/beginning of an era. Essentailly their calanders ended on that date but they still had references of future dates, just not sequential dates after the 20/21 like we have on our calendars. believe what you will though, these Mayans believed that we live in a fourth world created by the gods (the other 3 failed)
  • the 2012 prediction is a lot more founded than the y2k thing. I have seen history channel specials on it and read a lot and those two things alone have made me at least concider it. Read about it theres all sorts of info about it.. Its kinda scary
  • well the end of the world is kinda scary i'd been researching though and put it to this website
  • As what was said before, 2012 being the predicted doomsday date by the ancient Mayan civilization, the end is not quite as near as you think. You all are ultimately misunderstanding the concept of proper data analysis. 2012 is the beginning of the end, not the end itself. It marks the beginning of an era in which global disasters and political movements are greatly increased. The Earth is supposed to enter the Galactic Equinox on 12/21/2012 (according to the Mayans). It is the center of the spiral arm where the Solar System resides, consisting of more celestial bodies and a much more powerful concentration of gamma rays from a variety of stars and the super-massive explosion that occurred within the Galactic Core 26,000 years ago. By 12/21/2012, it would have taken the explosion 26,000 years to reach the Earth, which means it is 26,000 light years away. Once all of that happens, the Sun's polarity should reverse and the temperature should increase dramatically. Temperatures here on Earth will be considered unsuitable for life on the surface if it persists. The N.W.O. (New World Order, later disguised as the National Worldwide Organization) supposedly gains control and creates a Global Centralized Government. From 2012 to 2019 (7 years), we endure suffering and death on a massive scale. 4 to 5 billion people may die, leaving only 1 or 2 billion left to restore civilization. Restoring civilization and resuming economic growth will be pointless if this world's destruction is inevitable. That's my brief explanation. We're all going to be doomed at some point, whether you like it or not.
  • Believe in God. living your life to the fullest wont help you in the sencond life when god asks you about what you have done in your life .. think about it .. the thing you should realy do if that date was real is asking from god the forgiveness and search for the truth
  • i came up with yahoo answers: In the Bible, is it true that only God knows when the world will end? Yes i'm Christian but i just came across this- "But of that day or hour, no one knows, neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. Be watchful! Be alert! You do not know when the time will come." (Mark 13:32-33) Is it true? 2012 theories are just...ruining my mind...especially my former favorite channel...the history channel... Answer: The passage you quote, is indeed what Jesus taught regarding His second coming, so there really is no reason to worry or wonder: God knows what's going on and what's to come, but we mortals are not given this particular piece information!! After all, can you imagine what would happen if people knew the world (as we know it, ie.) would come to an end in say, 2012? People would stop caring about pretty well everything or they'd rush around at the last minute trying to convert everyone else - in an case life would get pretty strange!! God knew we couldn't handle knowing this kind of thing so he didn't tell us. Re the 2012 stuff, think about it: are there any REAL signs that the world will end in 3 years? The Mayans were pretty amazing this is true, but they sure went down fast when the Spanish came around with a few horses and a couple of guns!! In fact it was another prophecy which helped do them in: they thought the Spanish leader was some sort of Messiah and made him emperor!! (or was that the Aztecs?). Anyway, there is no reason to believe that the end of the Mayan calender marks any special occasion - lots of people can take a couple of small threads and weave a whole tapestry out of them, but that doesn't make it an accurate representation of reality.
  • It's not going to happen. The potential end of the world didn't happen in 2000 and it won't happen in 2012 either. The mayan year ends December 21 so why wouldn't they say it's the last day of their year and they also might of ran out of tablets.
  • Is there some reason why someone keeps asking this same old question over and over on here?
  • The Mayans came up with it. So did the I-Ching. And some internet IBot that was trying to predict financial futures. The only thing I know of that happens on that date is that the earth crosses the galactic plane. Interesting, but hardly cataclysmic.
  • i've done alot of research on the subject, mostly to scare myself, some of the theories are terrifying AND actually make sense unfortunately. but drilling down to the bedrock "e.g the mayan calender theory", basically the mayan's in their various legends and hieroplyphics seem to have not only predicted natural disasters and their own demise but also predicted the very year and month of the year that the white man would first come to their continent. scary right? their actual theory about 2012 is shrouded in interpretation and mystery, but one thing their predictions seems to be sure of is that for the past hundred years we have been in a state of industrial revolution, and at 2012 begins the human race's period of wisdom "e.g this is when we finally realise the big stuff". now this period could be brought on by great tragedy, but really that's all the mayan's seem to know. if anyone would like me to elaborate on how some of the doomsday theories have scientific credibility, just ask.
  • Quote 'Planet X, Passes every 3600 Years' Answer: How are we still here? Quote 'Solar Flare Will strike on a solar eclypse (cant spell lol)' Answer : The moon will be in the way so we will be fine in some areas. Quote 'Astroid will hit the earth' Answer : We have enough tecnology to move this damn object out of the way Also Govement wouldnt give all this information out until the final days, so we will be fine.
  • I don't believe it is the end of the world in 2012 as it was supposed 2 be in 2000, I do believe that the mayans were not predicting the end of the world but merely a new beginning of a natural cycle,scientists have said yes its a galactic enlightenment 21,12,12 but not 1 of catastrophic confusion!just a new cycle,but i do believe the mayans were helped along this scientific path as were the egyptians these were incredible astronomers but given this gift buy what u think !! well aliens !! as its is written buy the mayans that the aliens told the mayans that thay have put life on other planets but 3 of the planets didn't turn out the way it was meant to and that earth is the forth plant to try and make life !!! crazy hay' but when u think about it ' it kinda makes sense . how else we only use 10% of are brain and come up with new ideas after a good nights sleep !! to gain intelligence we need a little push !!! also the aliens who put are DNA here have also been showing us humans signs for ages of how to develop and become moor intelligent as a human race !! the mayans and ancient people of India says there were great battles in the sky where the aliens who put as here would fight off any other hostile aliens that tried to claim earth as there own,and the alien the ( gray )good aliens still visit us every day as u well know, and occasionally take a specimen for them to do there little tests on to see how are bodies are developing' scary thought but true !! so i don't think this is the end of the earth as we know it and that 'Christ or God' will rise again , i hope nothing happens and that all what happens is a new cycle as predicted by the mayans. riz x
  • God knows get it ha ha ha l.o.l I cant understand the bible crap it was soooooooooooooo written by what you call it back then' A fucking politician !! since there has been 1 god there has been killing in his name !!!!!!!!!!!!!! million's of people have died, and all for the wrong reasons !!!!!!!!!!! jesus was a man whoops !!! hang on that's blasphemy !!! i would be burned if was in the 15th century for saying thay !Ive read the bible out of curiosity and i still stick to my gun's about religion and the end days so say !!as I'm a big believer in worshiping the gods and the earth!! as a person of Peace and so believe in aliens xx and freedom of speech xxxx those poor mayans were butchered buy the catholic church and Spanish and made to worship christianity yet the mayans were around way before Christ !!!! i say this 2012 to mayans is the end of an era and the time of new beginnings and a new natural earth cycle , not the rise of jesus , just a new fucking cycle its all very natural and spiritual path of the cosmos.
  • Personally, I think this whole 2012 thing is a sham. Everyone is freaking out because the Meyan calender ends on that month and year. Anyone think that "hey, maybe they ran out of room on the rock?" or "hey, maybe the guy who way drawing all this shit out got tired of writing the same things over and over and over?" Ive heard so much about this 2012. New evolution in man, Catastrophic events, end of the world, Rising of Jesus, etc... I honestly think that nothing is going to happen. If the Meyans could predict the future, how didnt they predict the spanish coming to whoop thier ass? I dont remember exactly what year it was,(1950's i belive)but it was broadcasted on the radio that the world was under attack by aliens, and there was a huge war going on against them. The whole world was freaking out. But it was all a lie. Im thinking this is another one of those things just to scare the whole human race.
  • 12/21/2012 is the end of a "cycle". Then a new one begins. This has already happened in the Mayan history several times.
  • Ok end of world bla bla bla, but NOTHING and i mean NOTHING!!!! is going to happen, yes im a little freaked out but seriously who wouldnt be? the thing is we have to look at the big picture, so nibiru (yes i can't spell it) is ment to cause catastrophic events but seriously, no one has properly spotted this thing yet! I am however gonna pack up belongings etc, on 23/12/12 and go up-ward away from earthquake break line and from the shore but im a risk free person, ok its !!!!not!!!! going to happen dont lose three years of fretting around for the world to end. have fun. enjoy memories and live your life!
  • 2012 is new? try tellin that to the Mayans! haha. I'm sure you've already found your answer(s) to this question. Or maybe not answers, but at least you should have an idea now of where the year 2012 came from.
  • Well, the mayan calendar ends in 2012. People just took that and ran with it. Then those people starting stretching facts and throwing statistics at everyone, they got media attention, and now we have to endure end of the world questions for the next three years. This is the only bit of the whole theory that I found interesting: "On December 21, 2012, the sun, the earth, and the centre of the galaxy will all be aligned" It sounds a little scary, until you realize that that happens every year.
  • I think the real question here is why on earth this question keeps coming up and the staff refuses to call it a duplicate.

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