• "Choose to live simply so that others may simply live." It's a nice proverb that is displayed at my church (Catholic).
  • every way possible
  • Not having a core meltdown over Obama being elected. It's hard :( Other than that, on the large scale....uhhhh....nope. I do what I want because I know that I'm not perfect, but trying to attain the perfect personality is impossible and I think I'm about as close as I can ever be. Maintaining is my current goal ;D
  • I'm working on some anger issues.
  • In putting my best foot forward every single day, no matter what.
  • every day, I lean just a little more outwards towards the connection that links us all...............:)
  • I'm not. At 65, this is the best you're ever going to see outta me! Heh!
  • I'm trying so hard to be forgiving & not want to see certain people suffer, but I haven't reached that point yet
  • im trying to see the good in people. and do something nice and unexpected everyday. i want to be mor openmind towards all people
  • Meditation! *Happy Dance*
  • I'm trying to convince myself that the person I am now is really not so bad.
  • I am, but it's alot harder than I thought.
  • It is a process.Let us say that you are the purest inside but the packaging you are in is the unclean one.It has all markings, price and everything written about you which are called impressions but the real you is the best person.I just have to do my job of pointing that out to just anyone whom I interact with.Just like you I am the best and we work our ways best.
  • trying to not put others down as much,meditation,alateen spelling yes ik sorry
  • A lot really. I want to be a better person very badly, but it's not a one day fix. It's something that I need to work on each day, no matter my mood. I am not even close to perfect - I sometimes marginalize people, and am quick to criticize. I get angry, and lash out. Sometimes I complain, and feel sorry for myself. At times I can be a bad friend, which makes me feel even worse. So, in what ways am I working towards changing these things? I try not to complain, everyone has problems, and mine are no more interesting than yours. I stop myself before I criticize someone else. That only drives people away, isolating yourself, when you really should be trying to work with people. I started working out again, to increase my self esteem and confidence. But, without a doubt, the toughest challenge has been my anger. It buries itself deep, then erupts like a volcano. The best way I've found to deal with it is also the hardest. Talking about what you really fear. Opening up to someone, and telling them what makes you scared, releases your anger. (At least for me) It's VERY hard to do this, my instinct is to bury my fears, and let them dig deep, but letting them out is such a weight removed it's hard to be mad at anything. The right listener is critical, the person has to know how hard it is for you. This is what I've learned, this is what I practice.
  • I need to stop being a bitch and stop holding resentment and get rid of these thoughts in my head about a particular person, but it's hard because she took something from me that she can never give back.
  • I want to stop and listen to others more before giving my opinion.
  • I am trying to not to tell soooo many people to kiss my a$$ oh $hit I don't know what the f#ck I am saying... I think that you can figure it out now...
  • getting a job in a foriegn country and leaving my past behind me
  • Being more positive, have faith and learning to love life as it really happens...

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