• Its orange. Orange makes the 'black' box easier to locate in the event of an air crash than, say, had it been actually black.
  • All of the black boxes are painted bright orange with large letters "FLIGHT RECORDER DO NOT OPEN" I believe the terminology of black box orients from its actual purpose in the flight, ie: "The Black Box that contains the secrets of why the aircraft crashed"
  • Where's the blackboxes for the wtc, if they are commerical jets??????. They can survive through their own jet fuel.
  • Orange, to make it stand out so we all get coruois, but 'black-boxed', so that civilians aren't allowed to find out just what the government wants airlines to record.
  • Bright orange. And reflective, if I recall correctly. The "black" refers to it containing secrets not meant for the general public, and being unseeen and hidden.
  • well, reading that guy who said its orange, i came across the conclusion that if the person looking for the for the black box found it, he would ignore it and keep looking for a black box. basicly theyre dead unless the box is black
  • Orange
  • orange
  • bright orange "The flight data recorder (FDR) or Black Box (also ADR, for Accident Data Recorder) is a flight recorder used to record specific aircraft performance parameters. A separate device is the cockpit voice recorder (CVR), although some versions (including the original) combine both in one unit. Popularly known as the black box used for aircraft mishap analysis, the FDR is also used to study air safety issues, material degradation, and jet engine performance. These ICAO regulated "black box" devices are often used as an aid in investigating aircraft mishaps, and its recovery is second only in importance to the recovery of survivors and victims' bodies. The device's shroud is usually painted bright orange and generally located in the tail section of the aircraft. It is also designed to withstand intense heat and pressure." Source and further information: According to the given examples, it seems that the "Cockpit voice recorder" is also bright orange.
  • It is Bright Orange color. Black Boxes are intended to be spotted and recovered after incidents. Air craft black box is a key in air crash investigations. They are compulsory on any commercial flight. More you want to know about Aviation go through this Link:
  • Orange. Don't you think they should make the whole plane out of that stuff?
  • It's Bright Orange The term "black box" is almost never used within the flight safety industry or aviation, which prefers the term "flight recorder". The recorders are not permitted to be black in color, and must be bright orange, as they are intended to be spotted and recovered after incidents.

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