• Physically, no. Emotionally, depends on how you can regulate your emotional state around the grief as to not cry.
  • If you have built up emotion and you won't let yourself cry then yes, you could end up blowing up on people and put yourself into a worse situation.
  • Unless you let it move, sadness--acute or chronic--can clog you up, putting perpetual tension into your eyes, heart, stomach, and lungs. Crying is not the only way to release sadness, but it’s a darn good one. Research showed that crying releases specific toxins, & also that it "cleanses the mind.” So yes, I would say it is unhealthy to never cry.
  • Yes, when it comes to homeostasis ( the body in a constant struggle to be stable); crying is a healthy normal thing. If you have built up emotions that need to be let go, cry it out or it could maybe build up to something worse.
  • It is very therapeutic to cry, and a great release of emotions. Everyone cries at points in their life and I believe if they didn't come to terms with something like the death of a loved one, divorce, whatever the case may be, it could manifest itself into other emotions such as anger, resentment and things of that nature. If I am very sad, or upset I will cry, and it feels better once I do.
  • Emotionally, I would have to say yes. Suppressing emotions, good or bad, isn't healthy in my opinion. Crying can actually be a result of a positive trigger (joy) or negative trigger (grief, physical pain, etc.). I went through a stage where I absolutely, positively refused to let myself cry no matter how good/bad I felt about something. I felt that crying was a sign of weakness and lack of emotional self-control. Bad idea--when I finally gave into letting the tears flow I felt stronger rather than weaker. I realized that finding the strenghth to accept and face the things that hurt (and thus made me cry)and deal with them rather than suppressing them was a far more healthy option. Everyone is different, I am sure there are plenty of people who don't cry and have found other ways to express the emotions that typically trigger crying. As for myself, I would rather just let it out, be done with it, and keep moving through life.
  • I think crying is good for you, it lets all your feelings out, and I find it leaves me feeling refreshed, both mentally and physically. I start to feel a bit depressed if I don't have a real reason to cry once in a while!
  • Tears wash away the sadness.
  • I would think so, sometimes I cry over the silliest thing, but it always makes me feel better. Its a way of letting your emotions out sometimes, so if you dont cry, the things that bug you are still inside eating away at you.
  • Yes it is unhealthy to never cry but only if you your holding it in from an emotion. Because you would end up building a bunch of saddness inside then you would most likely take it out on people. See know if it from an injury you would be just the same (besides for the injury). This is because you are holding physical pain in not mental.
  • Tears were studied by capturing them, and analyzing them. Some amazing things came of this. Happy tears differed greatly from sad tears. There are many types of crying. I see about 10 other answers so I will not duplicate their words. Sad tears really clean out the toxins. You don't need to believe me, just check out the results from scientists: Here is a link:;f=35;t=001788;p=1 I am not positive the results are correct that they are cleaning out your toxins, as much as sadness is creating them. I don't know, but think much more study is warranted. You decide. I do think it can be healthy to cry, just not sure which tears are healthiest, I know happy tears have to be healthy though because happy people have less disease.

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