• why do anything at all? If the kid is healthy then why are you allowing it to bother you? If the kid isn't healthy then fix it.
  • Who are these people?
  • if he's not fat, tell them to stop. if he is, talk to a nutritionist.
  • maybe your kid is fat but that doesn't give them the right to pass judgment and call your child names.
  • Vertical stripes instead of horizontal stripes?
  • People, plural? You may want to consider the validity of what they are saying. Childhood obesity is a health issue now and in their future. I think they could find a nicer way to tell you that they think the child may be too heavy but still it's important to take a good look at the situation and see if it contains some truth.
  • If she IS overweight, then sort out her diet and give a healthy one, with ample play excercise. I don't personally 'buy' the 'storing' idea, if she is normal active 3 yr old then she should be burning the calories that you are feeding her. Come on Mum, take a serious look at what you are feeding her, it will affect the rest of her life healthwise.
  • is your 3 year old fat? even a little over weight?
  • tell them to shut up! as soon as your child starts nursery or school they will run it off i know my daughter did.theres no use in giving your child a fat complex dont allow other people to do it
  • If more than one person has said it it is quite possible that it is true. In that case talk to your pediatrician. If you child is overweight the best thing you can do is teach him to eat healthy. Chubby kids grow up to be obese teens and fat people. Help you child to develop healthy food habits and he will thank you for life.
  • Probably start hanging out with nicer people. That's awful. Don't they realize a 3 yr. old can hear those comments? It depends on who they are, but I would think you should take them aside and ask them to keep their opinions to themselves.
  • Young children can be very unkind, and even in my school days some kids called each other names such as fat or fatty or bean pole.It never happened to me,but I was ridiculed about my slight stammer.My mother told me that if I reacted to their taunts they would do it all the more.She told me to ignore them and they would stop.I did what she said and the taunts did stop.I suggest that your 3 year old is told to do the same and not to react to their cruel taunts.
  • Nothing. Why worry about what other people are saying?
  • Ever heard of a diet?
  • If its a number of people, talk to his pediatrician when you're next in. If he /is/ fat at 3 yrs old, you could avoid a lot of health problems if you got him to a healthy weight. Regardless, if its adults saying it to your kid, stop them. If its kids taunting him, teach him to handle it.
  • tell them to knock it off and stop being so rude

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