• Nice question,but the question is,why do we need sky scraper?Real estate dealers hunt for places to build those high risers which have more commercial importance than cultural importance.There are some land laws that forbid to pile up those huge concrete monsters to preserve the cultural heritage of a place. Business grows like a triggered chain nuclear reaction now a days.In such a scenario it's not possible to build up office buildings every here and there sacrificing a lot of land resources as pressure of population around those area are likely to be high and saving more area becomes a chief concern.In such a scenario,building of skyscrapers help.They save land as well as business transaction goes side by side. . Tupelo,Mississippi is not in a need for such a business hustle at the moment.It's a cultural and a historical place and birth place of the marvelous Elvis.Land is not a concern at present and business dealings generally done in collaboration with other Big cities.As far as seeing a skyscraper in future is concerned,we may never know when the need of the hour will ask for it.
  • I have been to Tupelo many times and have a number of cousins there as well. Elvis is one of them. I don't think Tupelo would ever really need a sky scraper.

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