• leftover potatoes cubed, frozen mixed vieggies, cream of whatever soup & chicken broth with cubed cooked chicken in a casserole - baked for 35 min.
  • Cut it up in bite size pieces and cook it (saute in a pan with olive oil). Mix it with: can of cream of potato soup (or cream of chicken) can of mixed veggies (drained) A splash of milk spices like salt, pepper, pinch of garlic, thyme Get two frozen pie crusts, put your mixture in the bottom. Gently (after thawing just a bit) pull the other pie crust out of the tin and place it over the other one, pinching around the edges. Poke a couple of holes to vent. Brush the whole thing with a beaten egg. Bake at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes. Best and easiest Chicken Pot Pie ever!
  • I'm feeling lazy... probably just cube up some boneless breasts and stir fry it in a wok with some veggies and stir-fry sauce.
  • On the grill and BBQ'ed with baked potato and a Cesar salad.
  • Italian Chicken Pot Pie 10 ounces of pre-cooked chicken breast meat cut into chunks. 2 TBS butter 2 TBS flour 2 cups chicken broth 1-1/2 cups of cream salt and pepper to taste 1 tsp of Italian seasonings blend 1 cup frozen peas with pearl onions 4 oz sliced button mushrooms 1 large carrot diced 1 celery stalk sliced 6 green onions, cleaned trimmed and diced 1 large potato peeled and cut into 1/2 inch pieces 1 pre-prepared pie crust Get out a 9 X 9" square oven-proof pan. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a medium sauce pan add your butter and begin to melt it on medium high heat. Add the flour and stir until bubbly. You are making the base for your pot pie sauce. When the mixture is bubbling stir in your chicken stock, slowly. You want the flour to mix in seamlessly; no lumps. Just start slowly and you'll be fine. When all stock is added put in your cream. Stir while you add the cream. Then add salt and pepper to taste as well as Italian seasoning. A quick grind of sea salt and a dusting of pepper should do it. Leave on medium heat until the sauce begins to bubble. Keep an eye on it and stir once in awhile. As the sauce is cooking you should be able to assemble your veggies in the 9 X 9" pan. The sauce won't take more than 10-12 minutes. Watch for it to start to thicken and make sure it does not boil over. Put the cut up chicken in the bottom of your heat proof pan. As you prep each veggie you can add it on top of the chicken. No need to thaw or sauté anything. Just put the items on top of each other in the pan. Keep the crust aside for a minute. When your sauce is boiling and has thickened enough to look like loose gravy you are ready to make your final assembly. Just pour the sauce over the veggies and stir the whole mess thoroughly. This will mix up all of the veggies. Take the round pie crust and unroll it over your veggie combination. The round edges will hang over the sides. Just fold them back toward the pan and sort of tuck them in along the edges. No need to be picky. Then take a fork and make three pokes in the top of the crust to vent it. Put the dish in your oven and bake 50 minutes; or until your pie crust is as brown as you like it. If, after 50 minutes, the crust is not as brown as you like it, feel free to raise the oven temperature to 425 degrees and bake 5 to 10 minutes longer. One secret to a great pot pie is to let it sit out of the oven 10 to 20 minutes before you serve it. That way you don't sear your mouth from the blazing heat of the dish. When it's not so hot it actually has more depth to the taste. Not having a bottom crust cuts down on the carbs and you'll hardly notice it missing. Cut into the pie and serve in bowls or on a plate with a simple salad and you have a wonderful, cozy meal.
  • If its boneless I'd add olive oil to a pan heat it to smoking point add lots of pepper and put the chicken pieces in it and cook till tender. Sprinkle some parsley and lemon on it and serve as a side dish. Else, I'd caramalize some onions and garlic add chopped tomatoes and cook with the spices I'm in the mood to add and cook the chicken in that gravy.
  • It just so happens... A delicious pasta and chicken dish with garlic, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh basil. Use the dry packaged sun-dried tomatoes instead of the tomatoes packed in olive oil. The sauce can be kept, covered, for one day in the refrigerator; heat again over low heat. Try it with some crusty bread if desired.
  • We have chicken couple times a week. What we really love is to buy skinless breast, chop them up, mix with bell pepper, onions, cellery etc. Stir fry in a large pan, ad soy sauce, salt pepper. When cooked ad mixture over plate or bowl of rice. You'll love it. Try not to add salt. Plenty of msg in soy sauce. Good luck! We love it!
  • ooooh chicken enchiladas sound great!
  • I made chicken last night, Chicken pot pie.
  • Baked (or in the crock pot) with homemade BBQ sauce. Mashed potatoes and peas on the side.
  • we have made chicken for dinner tonight-hot and spicy chicken wings,but since it is halloween my kids have renamed them bat wings!!!
  • Cut boneless breasts or thighs into bite sized pieces. Season the chicken and fry it up. Remove chicken and make pan gravy (use part chicken stock) Throw in a handful of shredded melting cheese (fontina, cheddar, etc) and a bag of frozen vegetables (I personally enjoy broccoli). Return chicken to sauce and toss over spaghetti. * get creative on the spices!
  • marinate it for an hour, then roast it in the (gas) oven at 375 degrees for 40 minutes...let it rest (under foil) for 10 minutes, and it will be succulent and juicy as always....sigh.
  • I"m not using chicken tonight, but I am tomorrow. I am making chicken potstickers, a Chinese dish we love. I make up a huge batch and freeze most of them to make more meals.
  • a family friend makes a chinese chicken casserole. consider that it's getting cold a hot chicken dish sounds good. Chinese Chicken Casserole Surprise Original recipe yield: 6 servings. -------------------- INGREDIENTS: 2 skinless, boneless chicken breasts - cooked and cubed 1 cup chicken broth 1 (10.75 ounce) can condensed cream of mushroom soup 1 (5 ounce) can evaporated milk 1 cup sliced almonds 1 (4.5 ounce) can sliced mushrooms, drained 1 (8 ounce) can water chestnuts, drained and minced 1 (5 ounce) can crispy chow mein noodles 2/3 cup shredded Cheddar cheese 1 cup diced celery (optional) -------------------------------------- DIRECTIONS: Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). In a lightly greased 9x13 inch baking dish, combine the chicken, broth, soup, milk, almonds, mushroom pieces, water chestnuts, noodles, cheese and celery (if using). Mix well and make sure mixture is spread evenly in the dish. Bake in preheated oven for 45 minutes.
  • grilled breast tenders with thyme and rosemary. Grill lemon halves until carmelized and squeeze over chicken before serving. Add green lentils and mixed veggies on the side....mmmmmm
  • I guess I would make it into a sandwich, since that's what I just did.
  • Pound boneless skinless breats to about 1/2". Saute in olive oil and garlic. Top with mozzerella and parmesan cheese - Cover pan and melt cheese. Top with warmed brushetta.
  • Poach it in a marinara sauce and serve over angel hair pasta, garnished with shredded basil leaves and grated Parmigiana.
  • Either Chicken terriyaki or Shoyu Chicken. (Local Hawaiian style)
  • I'm making skillet fried chicken. Pound chix breats to 1/2" thick. Coat in flour mixed with pepper and poultry seasoning. Dip in egg mixed with a splash of milk. Then coat in Panko breadcrumbs. Refrigerate for 10-15 minutes. Heat 2 TBLS of olive oil in large saute pan. Saute cutlets about 2-3 minutes each side.
  • I did make chicken for dinner, as it happens. I had "Hainan chicken". It was really good. Recipe is here:
  • i would have grilled chicken with steamed veggies.
  • I like to marinate mine in italian salad dressing and then grill on an indoor grill (like a George Foreman)
  • I'm making chicken for dinner tomorrow night. It's an oven-roaster chicken, will cook it in a roasting pan, with with onion, lemons, and garlic in it's cavity to infuse it with flavor. Simple. Served with rice, peas and homemade applesauce. (Hey, I have four men to feed in my household!)
  • Put it in a pan and cook. Boil hot sauce with butter and mix chicken in.

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