• Depends on the computer you have and the camera you have. Most digital cameras come with a cable that you can use to attach the camera to the computer. Then newer PC's and Macs have pre-installed software that will allow you to download them from the camera with the click of the mouse. If you have a very new computer, many of these have a port where you can insert the actual compactflash or SD disk you use in the camera, and download directly from the disk to your computer's hard drive. Then you can copy from your hard drive onto a CD or DVD to share or use your email program to send pics one by one. You can also use online services that are free through your ISP (like google and AOL) where you can upload and store the pics from your hard drive. Then send your friends the URL to the site where you have them stored and friends can all view your pics for free.
  • If your computer doesn't have a built-in reader, you can purchase an inexpensive USB plug-in reader separately. Please see the following post, as it describes the use of these type card readers as a much easier, faster, and less error prone way to download your photos:
  • To download pictures from camera to Computer insert sd card in to card reader and then connect that card reader in CPU USB then open my computer here it will show your images containing folder in the drive..

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