• racism, forming opinions around others, prejudice, never admitting wrong doing, A CLOSED MIND apparently the person who rated this down condones all of these...
  • Believing everything you are told, in addition to closed-mindedness. That's how oppression grows.
  • "Rock is dead. It's either indie or emo"
  • Ignorance refers to being unknowing, uneducated, and unaware of a topic. Examples: "Satanists worship Satan and sacrifice babies." "Wiccans worship Satan." "Witch and Wiccan mean the same thing." "Abortion is caused by a lack of morality in women." "America was founded by Evangelical Christians." "Atheists have no morals." "Blacks like to steal." "All Muslims want to blow up everyone else." "Homosexuals have an agenda to teach children to be gay."
  • Ignorance. To be ignorant of one's ignorance is the disease of the ignorant. And we all know that nothing is more terrible then ignorance in action.
  • Being a professional driver all I need to do is drive on any street or highway in any place in the USA and I will see hundreds of examples of ignorance every day!

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