• i'm not sure if she is more experienced but just as, i would say at the very least. and i will say again she will only be vice-president. obama is going right to the oval office. good question +2
  • I think so yes ..... and yet he is the one who thinks we need him a president
  • Personally, I'm not as concerned with how much experience she has, but where her experience lies.
  • Mayor of a town of... oh wait, I'll just let this guy tell you :)
  • She keeps an eye on the Russians from Alaska. I think that's all we REALLY need to know.
  • And she doesn't flaunt some college degree and seems to be frustrated when he has to 'talk down' to those less intelligent than he seems to think he is.
  • Yep. She also went to 6 different (community) college while pursuing a degree in general studies (a sign of ambition), doesn't know her geography (something she should have learned at least at one of the colleges she attended), has a witch doctor and let's an invisible sky daddy (which is ok because so does Bush), blew $150,000 of her supporters' donations in her personal wardrobe...Ok, I'm gonna stop now, I'm tired
  • Nope. Don't forget that she was mayor of a small town that, let's see, didn't have any schools or services, among other things. Obama has national and international experience that trumps anything Palin might have learned "looking at Russia from her house." She never even got a passport, for Jiminy's sake! OK, I'll grant you one category: Palin is more experienced at doing unethical things. See the "troopergate" findings.
  • if she is i would never know....she doesn't come across as too intelligent or experienced.
  • Here's a transcript of a recent interview with the current mayor of Wasila, Dianne Keller: Jason Jones: Do you think being a small-town Mayor prepares you to be president of the United States? Mayor Dianne Keller: An unequivocal yes. JJ: How? Mayor: How? JJ; Let's say you have a problem with the fire department? What would you do? Mayor: The city of Wasilla doesn't manage the fire department. JJ: Ok, fine. Let's say there's something wrong with the school system? Mayor: We don't do the school system. JJ: Just pick any social service. Mayor: We don't do social services in Wasilla... JJ: Um, what do you do? Mayor: What do we do in Wasilla? JJ: Take me through the Mayor of Wasilla's day. Mayor: (nod, nod, nod), Just different, different things on different, well Mondays at 10 o'clock we always have a staff meeting, and then, um, um, (long pause) every Thursday is a check-signing day, so I sign all the checks for the city of Wasilla--pay the bills...
  • I suppose it depends on what your definition of "experience" is... The greatest president in U.S. history was also the least qualified for the job. Several presidents who came to office with the most impressive resumés turned into White House flops. John Quincy Adams had been a senator, secretary of state and U.S. envoy to six countries before becoming president in 1825. But his presidency is generally rated poorly by historians, and he suffered a landslide defeat when he sought reelection. Martin Van Buren’s impressive public record included experience as senator, governor, secretary of state and vice president. His presidency (1837-1841) was a dud, and he wasn’t reelected. Richard Nixon’s experience included the House, the Senate and eight years as vice president. He was the only president to resign in disgrace. Such statements are subjective, of course, because there is no final arbiter of presidential greatness, and there is no official definition of what qualifies someone for the Oval Office. But it’s not as subjective as you might think. The first president cited above was Abraham Lincoln, who is usually at the top of every list of great presidents. Yet he was the only president with no experience as a governor, senator, Cabinet member, general or vice president. Lincoln’s previous experience in public office consisted of one term in the U.S. House, several terms in the Illinois Legislature and a brief tenure as postmaster of New Salem, IL. He was also an unsuccessful merchant, a successful lawyer and twice an unsuccessful candidate for the U.S. Senate.
  • Yes. And Hussein is/has been a part time senator.
  • Yes, Sarah Palin is absolutely more experianced! +5
  • Palin has never worked for the federal government.
  • I'd say no, Being a mayor and then a governor for two years gives you no foriegn relations expierence at all Obama's been on foriegn relation committees. Obama was a state senator before being a US senator which is operating on the same level as a governor. Thats what Obama went to school for and he went to Havard. Palin went Hawwi'i pacific and U of Idaho for Journalism. A Governor looks good becasue you can claim you nhave executive expierence and then no federal voting record.
  • Her experience is in the executive branch of government, she was a mayor and is a governor (for those of you who don't understand this, think president of a town or state). Senator Obama's experience is in the legislative branch, as a state senator and US Senator. I think that neither of them is overly experienced and their individual experiences are like comparing apples and oranges. It comes down to ideology. Senators Obama and Biden want to spend tons of our money on social programs and Senator McCain and Governor Palin want to put more money in the pockets of the people in order to stimulate the economy. If you want the government to be your baby sitter vote Obama/Biden, if you want the government out of your every day life (and your wallet), vote McCain/Palin.
  • Yes. and we know where and when she was born and have a complete history on her. Vote, and vote AGAINST the corrupted 2 party system. Vote out all imcumbents.
  • Obama has no leadership experience what so ever. After only 143 days as a senator, he decided he was qualified to run for president. You can't even become a manager of Mc Donalds in 143 days. This AHOLE hasn't the qualifications to run anything but his mouth!!! Wake UP America!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Absolutely not!
  • Experienced at being a silly bitch.
  • At what? Wearing red, her high school colors? I can agree with that...

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