• Pretty much any time between midnight and 11:59 the next night. In other words, Asian girls are hot.
  • I'm extremely attracted to asian women because they almost always have beautiful features and personalities. I'm a sucker for asian women. I am Norweggian btw.
  • I'm English. and I do find Asian girls attractive, although as with anything, some are more attractive than others. I'm not sure that "when" really applies here
  • im white and have not met too many ugly asian woman most are very pretty but to petite for my tastes.
  • I like asian girls because they are small and feminine. I'm a honky.
  • I think for most guys it's more about looks and personality than ethnicity. I find an asian girl attractive when she's a little outgoing, sweet, and has long silky hair. I'm a caucasion American, 30 years old.
  • When she's laying on top of me naked????
  • Asians only for me thanks.... but, I don't care too much for American-Asians... for a relationship I mean... I'm not racist. I'm non-asian..
  • I see beauty wherever it exists, whether it is a landscape or a woman. Where the woman is from., or what part of the world the landscape is from, is completely irrelevant.
  • I'm an American of Polish descent and in general I find Oriental women more attractive than Caucasians.
  • 1) "It is fair to say that the Beauty Myth is alive and well. The ideal of Western beauty remains thin, boy-ish hips, grapefruit sized breasts, European facial features, and lighter skin. Any deviation from the ideal is considered less than perfectly pretty. Or, at its most generous, a deviation may be considered exotic and thus not expected to be universally appreciated. People say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” but the truth is, in Western culture, it is the same man or woman who turns everyone’s head when they walk down the street. Even those of us who are members of other races are judged by the same standards, even by our own brethren. It is better to have a low waist-to-hip ratio, long hair, eyelids, light skin, a narrow nose. Based on these standards, blond, white women rank near the top; black women are near the bottom. On the male side, Asian men are the least likely to be considered sexy. The white premium is so high that black men, in particular, are willing to date even conventionally unattractive white women over black women. It doesn’t happen to the same extent in other cross-cultural couplings. Have you ever seen a slovenly, unattractive Asian woman dating a non-Asian? It doesn’t happen. The couple are either relatively equal in attractiveness or, she is, particularly if she is a visible minority, waaay hottter. This is part of the anger a black woman often feels when she sees yet another black man holding hands with a white woman. But, as interracial dating, at least in my town, becomes more commonplace, the attractiveness disparity diminishes." Source and further information: 2) I personally have seen a lot of Asian women whom I found attractive, and not just celebrities. I am Caucasian, like for instance Osama bin Laden or Mother Teresa:
  • I never find asian girls attractive. First, they all have those tiny small eyes and that's not prteey. Also, their faces look like someone just smushed them with the skillet. Also wide nose is ugly. They also seem to make this dumb facial expressions and start laughing about nothing, which I fin a sign of total studipity and empty head. The most beautiful girls are white (Russians in particular) with their big light eyes, naturally blonde hair and beautiful face!!!
  • Here is what my (white) boyfriend, (and for that matter, most of my male friends share this opinion): "As a group (and of course this is a generalization), it is less typical to find Asian women with nice curvy bodies including accentuated breasts and butts, and a nice curvy physique. Since these are key physical features I (the boyfriend) am often less attracted to Asian women than other groups of women. Nothing against them, of course." It should be noted that the boyfriend also likes black women a lot ;-) I would also like to point out though, that a fair percentage of men really like Asian women for the following reasons (as I have stated elsewhere): - They are almost always very skinny - They are "smaller" and "more feminine" - Also, they tend to come from cultures that exemplify the "submissive woman" role (which indeed is a reason that many, MANY men list for preferring Asian women over us wily whities) Also, though, I would like to make the point that there are just as many un-attractive Asian women as there are attractive or moderate-looking ones. How does it feel to be fetishized based solely upon your race?
  • Im not a guy, but I know alot of guys I know dig an asian chick. Cuz of their black straight hair, tanISH skin, dark eyes, and the natural shape of their face. And cuz they are little....NOT TO LITTLE, but little. I think asian girls are really pretty, but alot of times...I think they look the same too. I also know it makes a difference if they are asian american though, cuz their attitudes are alittle different then actually in Asia. (But, we dig the asian culture) - btw mostly white dudes
  • Ethnicity: See pic.... Answer: Always! Asian girls are small framed, graceful, speak softly (for the most part), and believe in being submissive.
  • I always find asian girls to be very pretty and attractive, however, I also find other girls of other races just as pretty and attractive. My s/o is asian from Singapore, I am black British. BTW not all asian girls are submissive as some people seem to think because my s/o is certainly not and neither are her friends and I would not want a woman who is the submissive type. Also I am not with her because of her ethnicity as that is completely irrelevant, I am with her because we simply met and fell in love
  • Im black and I love asian women, I live in Vegas and most of them here are real stuck up and only date white or mexican guys....
  • Im white and i think that asians are wicked hot to. Maybe its their little bodies and their eyes. they just seem promiscious. i like em lots
  • I know from experience, they( Asian girls)- give- absolutely great "head"! I'm white. Great tongue work-
  • I do not care for the looks... I get to know a person... True beauty is found on the inside... (personality, I mean) I'm white (An American of Scottish, British, Irish, Cherokee, and German decent)... You can't expect all men to like you though... I mean MOST are assholes who base choice in women solely on looks... Sorry, but it's true (for the majority)... You may find a rare few that are different... Hope this helps... :D
  • asian features are more femenine. petite, slender, more angular faces. I am white. I find white features more polished but less pretty.... get half asian half while and it softens up those beautiful features and WOW. I think the only asian races who's features are usualy softened to my taste already is vietnamese and thai. not that there are not full of other races with softened features, but most are too sharp for ideal. still pretty though. don't go hating me for giving an honest observation... to me "attractive" means physical attraction.
  • asian girls are different and human wants what it doesnt have.
  • it is the same with any ethnicity there are girls that are attractive and non attractive.
  • well i dont like em plump... i like em skinny XD and i like the straight hair, and the feel that they'll accept me just a bit better then a regular girl when it comes to games. Plus, i like anime/manga so thats a really great topic to read together, watch together, or talk about.
  • I am a Native American. What I find most attractive about an Asian woman is that they act like ladies and they have class and style. No one takes a girl who acts like a tramp seriously they get what they can and move on when they are done
  • I find Asian guys attractive when they take care of themselves, hair, clothes, and they have to be nice, they can't be all cocky like some Asian guys I know.
  • I'm a black American, and I am attracted to Asian women, amongst other races/ethnicities. I'm married to an Asian woman.

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