• I'm not approved to authenticate those type of things.
  • There is a November 18th court date to have the documents presented for authentication, in hawaii :)
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  • The following is from MULTIPLE OBAMA DOCUMENTS LIKELY ALTERED/FORGED Obama Draft Registration Documents likely were Back Dated and Forged: Honolulu Advertiser, Sun, Aug 13 1961, is false/misleading: The first Certification of Live Birth (COLB), short form, on his campaign website was PhotoShop'd, altered. See this analysis of the image hex code revealing it was PhotoShop'd. Birth document Obama has provided to date is not conclusive proof, beyond any reasonable doubt, of "natural born citizenship". What he has provided would not even be acceptable proof in many civil actions. And he wants the most powerful job in the free world based on a COLB. He has not even stated personally in public for the record that he is a "natural born citizen of the U.S. per the Constitution" Only a certified copy of the long form, vault copy, original with signatures of those present at the birth can do that. Obama then proffered a second document image via his buddies at (of his very own Annenberg organization of which he was once Chairman of the Board there). That COLB is a computer generated abstract too. It proves only the live birth was registered in HI in Honolulu. It could have been a delayed registration of birth after his mother returned from Kenya with the newborn. That was legally permissible in HI at the time. But legal for HI law does not make him a "natural born citizen" per constitutional requirements for the office of President. It's so simple Mr. Obama, produce a certified copy of the vault copy, long form original birth certificate which contains the signature of his mother, the delivering doctor, and other 3rd party witnesses and facts to prove the birth took place in Hawaii, and all this ends. Why he doesn't do this simple thing is the cause of great concern. But the other forged and tampered with docs make one very suspicious. If his draft registration records were back dated and forged, possibly his registration of birth record was too. We the people and our courts need to see the original. Given all this thus far, the U.S. Supreme Court must look at this and stay the election process (Electoral College meeting) until Obama provides conclusive irrefutable proof that he was naturally born in Hawaii and not in Kenya as his paternal grandmother claims. - MG (11/17/2008 12:28:17 PM)
  • This issue has been around awhile. On February 8, 2007, published the first research and commentary questioning Barack Obama's citizenship. (see comments);
  • Nothing about Obama is "authentic."
  • Who cares. In Hawaii ANYONE could register for a birth certificate until 1972. So even if he wasn't born there his parents could have PRETENDED he was. It is really irrelevant whether the certificate is real or not because no one can prove he was actually born there in a hospital or not. He fooled all of you. Yikes - I had to edit this because it sounds like I wanted him in there. NO I do not want him in there as much as I don't want BIDEN in there. What would happen if it was determined that he wasn't a citizen? Would it go to Biden or would people have to vote again since he's technically not president yet. UGH LA would probably burn just like in the rodney davis or whatever his name was case. What was his name again? Terrible thing that happened to the man, but the outcome after the trial was just immature and stupid.
  • Who knows and who really gives a damn!?
  • Supreme Court thought so. And that's the highest court in the land.
  • Today, Dec. 13, 2008,this past week a Supreme Court ruling threw out the case..again.. why are the US Supreme Courts throwing out the cases that attorneys are submitting re.Mr. Obama's US birth certificate in question.Why not show proof so that there is no question? Are we now in the Twilight Zone? Why is he protected at great lengths, even at the possibility of conspiracy?What dangers may we be facing? This is fearfully critical.May God Protect us..cordially,ac
  • this week on one of those magazines they sell at the supermarket, there is a one with pictures of Obama in his muslim attire. Also, they added the strong possibility of an illegal campaign and the tangled web of his 'associates'. Never new a good angel to hang around so many devils that have landed in prison, or that are on there way. I wonder if the prison is large enough for the 'ratpack'...I do want to hope for a 'miracle' that Obama is on the up and up, if not, we await serious catastrophe, God protect us! God Bless America from sea to shining sea!
  • From the photos I have seen of his birth certificate It leaves little doubt it is fake it it really was his certificate.

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