• A storage room in the back caught on fire and it was late in the evening and there was only about 4 or 5 woman there and we freaked out and ran outside and left it to burn, but the fire department got there in time and put it out.
  • A man dropped dead in the lobby.
  • I was the drummer for the police Blue Lites Band in the 70s. We were playing for a picnic in a park. Dark clouds rolled in, along with a tornado. could not pack my drums in time. Wind took my drums into outer space. I could have sworn i heard an angel playing them, later that afternoon.
  • One of company's driver died of accident in the middle of the night (not during office hour, but we worked on site). We worked in the middle of nowhere. Then I had to watch his body in a morgue all night long alone, in awaiting for the morning to start contact Head quater office in different city.
  • I actually put in a full day!...what was I thinking!??
  • I work in a hotel during the graveyard shift 11pm-7am. And there was a crazy wedding reception one night. I got a phone call from a guest that night saying that there was a naked man outside their door peeing on the door. I did not know what to do but knew I had to do something (you don't get trained for things like that). I went to go get a towel so I could through it at him (I shoul've probably called the cops or something). I went there and he look confused and he ran to what was probably his room. I cracked up laughing and had to get away so I wouldn't walk up any guest. I returned and knocked on the door of the guests that called and asked them if they wanted to switch rooms. They were laughing about it also, didn't even complain or anything and said they were fine. I tried to clean it the best I could, but again, had no idea what to do. Lol, I'll never forget that night...
  • A friend brought some corn-on-the-cob to Applebee's about 2 months ago. When he left that night. he gave the remaining three ears he hadn't eaten, still in the husk, to the other cooks, and then went home. The fry cook left his till the end of the night, and then brought it over to the broiler cook to cook it for him. The broil cook was cleaning the broiler, and told him he should have brought it over earlier, as he was leaving in 15 mins, and not to put it on the grill. The fry cook put it there anyway, while the broil cook was in the back getting stock. The broil cook came back, saw it there, and threw it on the floor over on the fry cooks side. The fry cook picked it up and threw it at the broil cook, hitting him in the head. The broil cook then proceeded to walk down to fry, punched the fry guy in the head, then picked him up and body slammed him on the quarry tile floor, prompting the manager to fire them both. All this because Guyerby had to pass out that corn;)
  • It involved a drunk man, a cardboard cutout of a woman and automatic doors that wouldn't open wide enough to let him out. 5 minutes of him trying to get his new girlfriend out the door and security stepped in.
  • I am not joking about this. Woman (scary) with dog (scarier) dog's penis expanded - you figure out the rest. I still have nightmares.
  • They stopped paying me and security escorted me out. /:
  • I used to work in a hospital, one of my friends was a security officer in the hospital. He told me that one day he had to sit and watch a dead body, and it farted. lmao/spooky!!
  • when they hired someone with schizophrenia and she wouldnt take meds, thought that was crazy

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