• Most of what we can see are stars. With the unaided eye, we can only see 5 planets (six if you count Earth), Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. With telescopes we have been able to find a number of other planets around other stars, but that has been mostly through indirect evedence (a wiggle in the star's path across the sky). Very few, if any, of these have we actually seen. Planets are really dim objects. They don't produce any light of their own. So, they tend to get lost in the glare from their stars. So, they are hard, if not possible to see from here.
  • 8-9-2017 On a clear night you can see maybe 2,000 stars. If you are in a location good for star gazing you would see about twice that many. There are only four planets that you might see if you are lucky: Venus, Mars. Jupiter, and Saturn. Also Mercury and Uranus if you have good equipment.
    • Glenn Blaylock
      You left out one planet. If you catch it right, you can also see Mercury. Of course, you cal always see Earth as well. ;-)

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