• The same way that I do about the 2-year old todler who was killed by his Christian parents for not wanting to pray before meals
  • This stuff breaks my heart Chris :'(
  • I feel chicks in makeup are "hot"
  • those are the kinds of things that make me lose faith in mankind
  • maybe people should do it in england. cut down on teen pregnancy on a serious note its disgusting i hope who ever did it got their cumuppance
  • I would love to strangle the uncle to death
  • I really can't describe in words what I feel. Sometimes I feel like flying half way around the world to hunt these people down and give them my version of justice.
  • This type of crap happens every day in a lot of countries. Sad but we don't even know the half of it. Jaipur is a large city in India. We can only imagine what is happening in the small villages and out of the way places.
  • It sickens me to know that people do that. Makes me wonder if the girl was aware she would be burned alive doing this act. (not saying anyone deserves that) but I think it is important we understand that some places on this planet have rules that seem silly to us but to them they are important.
  • Sad doesn't even begin to describe it. Disgusted is more like it.
  • people are sick, and twisted. It breaks my heart to hear things like this.
  • People are completely sick!! That's all to it. JUST SICK!!!
  • He is also suspected of trying to molest the girl. He should be punished to the highest degree, he has no morals.
  • I am greatly concerned, not just that she was set on fire but also at the possible reason for it India is a very large country with ancient traditions. Many of those traditions seem barbaric to western sensibilities. some husbands demand more dowry years after the wedding, and may murder their wives when they don't get it. Burning is the preferred way. Brides are taken very young - and many are injured and become incontinent. They are made outcast, returned to their families in disgrace. One of my Indian neighbors burned herself to death because she did not want to go through with the arranged marriage. They're different, for sure.
  • I dunno. Seems a bit severe, no?! ;-)
  • Life in other countries is very harsh for females. Men in the family "avenge" their family honor beating to death a woman who has "cheated"..sometimes they beat women who have been raped senseless, again, to avenge their male honor. Men are beasts..tradition sucks..woman are nothing in these cultures. They are there for sex and to service the men and they have no value other than this. It is a horrible life..I believe if there is such a place as he**, these men will live there for eternity, suffering endless agony without respite. That's what I think about people that would do this great evil to a child! :(
  • I feel very sad about this. I hope that the criminal will not escape the law, and perhaps will this help avoid such a tragedy in the future.

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