• Thank you +5
  • yeah it doesn't 'frustrate' me... it just bums me out like... wtf? :)
  • Nah, doesnt bother me if it helped them..thats what I care about...
  • No, at least they said Thank you. If it didnt help them, that doesnt mean it wont help someone else that is reading it.
  • That doesn't bother me. I'm annoyed after giving a long answer and getting no response or even a point. We all know there are certain ABers who just dump tons of questions here as if it's a game. They don't care about the answers.
  • You know how we roll Inqusitive. I'll give you more if you want.
  • heres the answer i gave to teri recently about generic thanks feedback... its polite, ill give em that much. but i very much appreciate creative and thoughtful responses ~ even really short ones. a short thanx seems rather disinterested/aloof to me. at the back of mind im thinking theyre thinkin... thanks for nothin... LOL! i think the main point in answering a question is just to reach out to the person asking it. if that person isnt appreciative, maybe someone else will be appreciative of your helpful or thoughtful answer. what i dont like is when people dont bother responding at all. thats rude. you should thank the person at bare minimum. points arent necessary, but personally, i think points are a nice way of letting someone know that your thoughts were heard and what you said touched or resonated with them. i realize not everyone gives points, but i disagree with their rationale.
  • Sometimes. But then I'm not here trying to put food on my family's table, so that kind of puts things in perspective for me. Maybe they just don't have time for much more of a response.
  • I enjoy conversations and witticisms, so yes, sometimes when I answer I ecpect some sort of response. But, if the only comeback or opinion that they have is "Thanks +6" then its their loss. :) (Plus, unlike me, some people get more that 2 or 3 answers to a question and you can only come up with so many comments. I do try and make sure I comment on everyone's.)
  • i'll take the +6, and you can keep the thank you.
  • I'd say it's more like disappointment? If the question was interesting - then I did some research - I'm hoping it'll be a "match" for what the questioner wanted to know more about or think about or just discuss. After hitting "submit", I hope for dialog. In fact, let me change my response here a little. I'd say frustrating for "no response"! No points. No comment to answer. Just feels rude. Also, I'm fine with the Thank you, + whatever .. especially for those who have five zillion answers typically to their questions. Would imagine it's hard to keep up - and there's always the danger of missing one - let alone start up that many conversations. For those with a few answers, I turn it around. I hope when answering for the same sort of behavior that I give when I'm the questioner. When I ask a question, I always point an answerer (unless it's nonsense, abusive, spam, etc) and then I'll flag vs DR. But for others I'll point it and comment. I'll also say that more detailed answers will definately get more detailed comments from me .. on principle first of all .. then on the topic at hand for another! Did I just answer the question or wander all over the place? LOL
  • It doesn't bother me as I feel that they at least read it and acknowledged it. Maybe it wasn't what they were looking for. Maybe it didn't say anything they didn't know or haven't heard before but they are thankful you shared it. Maybe they really are thankful and saying thanks is how they express themselves. Sure, it's awesome to receive more and better yet, start chatting about it and maybe make a good friend or learn things with them. But there are just too many answers here for that to happen each time. If someone has 20 answers to a question, actually reading everything and being thankful may be all they have to give and it's their all.
  • I don't expect any comments on my answers so if I get some, I am happy. I only expect to give advice.
  • I like those comments. At least I know ONE person read the answer, even if they didn't take the time to critique it.

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