• Howdy, Nope! I never had kids and don't regret it. I see kids now who are totally out of control and running their parents. I don't particularly like the little cretins, even though their behavior and attitudes are not their faults, but their parents'. I choose not to have children around me. When my great grandnieces and nephews visit, I cringe. They are selfish, self-centered, little morons, who have no idea of eduction, history or life, and don't want to learn. Children are just not a part of my life. Just my two cents' worth. Yak
  • Since everyone was once a child, I'd try to help them understand why they don't like themselves, or didn't as a child.
  • No, I know some people who don't like children.
  • no...honestly, I'm really only a fan of mine =op
  • I agree with yakkie, even though its not thier faults, I really would go back in time and not have kids if I had the chance. Some people are just more goal oriented and having kids hinders you, in my opinion.
  • Definitely not. I'm not a massive fan of them. I certainly plan on never having kids.
  • No. I'd think they were perhaps a little unreasonable to NEVER like children, no matter what, but I certainly wouldn't be offended by it. That would just be silly.
  • Hell no. If some moron wants to discriminate against children thats their wrong
  • I have a friend who says he doesn't like children because they scare the crap out of him...parenthood is meant for some and not for others.
  • Not at all. Just be grateful that those people do not have children of their own!
  • I think they are being honest and children are not for everyone. I loved being a mom and raised three kids. If I had it to do over again, I wouldnt have any. Mainly because one of my kids didnt make good choices and I didnt want to see my grand kids in foster care so I am raising them. Two girls and one is severely autistic. Ages 4 and 6. I have had them for nearly three years now.I would be living on a house boat right now reading and fishing!! It was my choice to raise them though. Hind sight is everything.
  • Not in the least.
  • I am not offended. I think i would only be taken back if they said that and they had children. I just know not to take my children around people who don't like them.
  • Obviously it's for the better for these people to come to grips with how they feel and chose not to have children if they don't want to and would just make poor parents anyway.
  • yes. what have they ever done to you? and besides, all of you who have kids, why are you saying no when you took all the time to raise them?
  • No, not offended. If you accidently have any, I'll take 'em. I've raised over 100, and adopted 6, I've never found one who did not possess some positive attribute. Of course, I try not to take feral children out in public until they are somewhat tame, and I am aware of the problems presented today by parents who refuse to control unruly children, BUT (and this is just for me) I have decided to try to make a difference so no one can say "All children" are unruly cretins" with that statement I will take issue!
  • no,not at all.
  • No that's their own preferance.
  • It's their personal opinion.Some people suffer a lot because of them.I've no business getting offended.
  • No..thats their own opinion..
  • Yes I would. They are the future of humanity and if you make choices with contempt for them you are turning your back on humanity. You can have a choice not to have children and that is fine.

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