• (75 - 29) + (39 pages * 75 per page) + 25 or 46 + 2925 + 25 or 2996 unpointed answers 28 with negative ratings MANY with 1 or two points Probably depends on how long you've been here! ;-)
  • Answers: 14164 Answers, with no points: 2848 20% not pointed. I dont know yet, if it is normal, I will have to see after others answer.
  • Let's just say that I have like 35 pages of unpointed answers including the negative ones.
  • Out of my 5,052 answers, I have 1,015 with 0 points, and 14 with negative points. Damn... that means like 20% of my answers have no ratings. How very lame.
  • 1095 out of 4266 have 0 points - I didn't count my negative rated answers, of which I have a handful. Dang, that's like 25% of my answers received no points.
  • I have 814.
  • 963. Doh!
  • Great question, put things in perspective for me. I have 436 unrated answers out of 2638 given, I didn't realize so many were without points.
  • I'm either tired or blind. Where would I find that number? I see how many answers I've given, but not how many are unpointed.
  • I don't care what people think. If they give me a negative one I would like to know why. But if they give me nothing I don't care. I am expressing my opinion and what I think. If people disagree then give me nothing at least respect my opinion.
  • Hey there, VP!! Ok, another country heard from. Stats time? I've wondered many times if mine are way out in left field or what! Here you go: here for four months .. For questions: --- 92 unpointed out of 583 asked. 15.6% For answers: --- 198 unpointed out of 745 answered. 26.5% Now .. looking at things another way? I've started a little game with myself. Ok, ok .. go ahead and laugh! LOL I've been looking at "average points per ques asked" and "average points per ans given". I calculate that once a week and have been trying to steadily get the numbers up. Mine are very LOW compared with what I see many folks "bring in" per ques or ans ... but hey ... all I can do is steadily work to improve my own numbers. Used to be that I was running an average of about 3 points per answer and 5 1/2 points per question based on simple division of number created divided into total points for each at any given point in time. Pretty sad, I know. But hey - gotta give me credit for saying it out loud at least. :) Right now? I stand at: Questions: 583 questions divided into 7064 points gives average of 12.1 points per question. Answers: 745 answers divided into 5489 points give average of 7.36 points per answer. Neither one yet where I want them and likely much LESS than many of you .. but MUCH better than where I started. Any "0" ques or ans really eat into calculating those numbers!! So? I keep on doing what I'm doing. :) Kinda. sorta. lol Anyway .. more than you asked .. but there you go. Interesting to see where other folks are at. Less lonely that way too! :)
  • As of this moment, I have 311 that have not been pointed. You'll get used to it. Just keep in mind that you are sharing knowledge, personal experiences, opinions, and humor with other members of the community. The daily interactions here are worth more than the points ever will be. ;)
  • Holy cow, I did not know you could check to see how many un-pointed answers you have. I have 351!
  • 416 and 3 negatives.
  • I'll start working my way through and pointing them... deal?

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