• I have remodel most of my house, mostly by myself. Right now I am working on putting a subfloor in the dining room.
  • I put paneling up, but someone else had to do the trim.
  • Hahaha! What haven't I done? I've owned my home for about 11 years and there is very little that I haven't touched. The first thing was the bathroom remodel. That was huge. I've done all my plumbing and electrical work over the years, drop ceilings, skylights, recessed lighting, kitchen remodel, dishwasher install, a bit of ceramic tile, finishing the basement, deck, install new windows and doors. I put ceiling fans in all rooms, I just pulled out some cabinets and relocated the refrigerator last night. I was up past midnight doing that. I have to install some cabinets, and a countertop this week. I'm also going to pull the old metal bulkhead off and build a woodframe "foyer" type entrance. I've done a ton of yardwork with some bench building (nice stuff). I wish I had a large shed I could use as a shop. :-)
  • By myself? Zero. Jim built a really fine workshop in the garage we had in our prior place in Riverside. Currently he is working on transforming our garage here in Hemet into another fine workshop. Me? I'm not allowed to touch anything..well, it's for my own protection. I tend to pull/yank when I should pause to figure out why there is resistance. I do, however, bring him food and drink and admire his progress! :) Happy Tuesday! :) ((hugs))

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