• sadly no.. honesty and politics don't go together. I have a friend who is a politician and I say the same thing
  • Honest politician is a complete oxymoron.
  • I had no idea such things existed!
  • I can name five that no longer lie. and this is my proof.
  • No. And I think there is plenty of proof to back me up on that. =P
  • I can't even come up with one.
  • I'm not sure if there ever was a very onest polotition because I was watching the T.V last night and it was on channel 899 and they wehere having a argument about if there ever was one...
  • I can only name one.Mahatma Gandhi the once prime minister of India.He used non violence to create India as an independent country free of British Rule.He did everything he said he would and honestly.Gandhi would dress like the poor of his country and would,instead of living in a mansion,lived in a small simple house.He became world famous for he decency.
  • Hahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahaha LOL No, They are the stuff of fairytales...
  • No, but then again, I don't know a lot of people I've worked with that didn't have some kind of agenda and didn't gossip or back stab a co-worker when their back was against it.. sad that everyone is so busy keeping their jobs and trying to hang on to what they have that honesty and common decency has all but vanished in some parts of corporate America. I guess the government employees are not so different than the common working stiff.. just richer, and out there in the limelight.
  • Three times I ran for local City District Councilman. They were all self-funded, and my campaign, also self-ran, made no promises, just an honest view of the District and what I think SHOULD -- not WILL -- be done to make it better for all who live here. In other words, I made no promises so none would be broken. I got well under 10% of the just over 500 votes casted -- all three times!!!! I was honest, but saying I'm a politician may be stretching it a touch, though 2011 isn't out of the question.
  • No...Can you name 5 COMPLETELY honest human beings?
  • No sir. We should all feel angry about this.
  • Honest and politician do not go together well in the same sentence :)
  • I'm laughing so hard because it's painful to cry about it. I really wish I could come up with five names right off the top of my head but sadly that is not to be. In the U.S. politics and corruption and greed and special interests and DIS-honesty all go hand-in-hand.(IMNSHO)
  • I have found that even very honest people will lie to themselves about some things. I don't think it means they are bad. Just human and trying to survive with as little pain and conflict as possible. But politicians, and their ilk, are another story! They seem to feel that lieing is OK because they are have the right to lead using any means available. I have known a few politicians and have had connections with folks who deal with some upper level politicos. The general consensus is that they are not like 'normal' folks because they feel they are smarter than others and have a God-given right to tell others what to do and how to do it. Sounds like a mental disorder, doesn't it? Psychosis or something.
  • No. But I cannot name 5 completely honest persons either...
  • No. There in none. My 2 cents.

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