• it is actually babba yagga and here is a story to explain it
  • "Baba Yaga" is a character in the Russian fairy tale "Vasilissa the Beautiful". It is a tale that has similarities to Cinderella. It is a matter of conjecture as to which tale came first, or if the similarities are merely coincidence. The original 'Babba Yagga' is believed to be derived from Mongol folklore during the Mongolian occupation of the region. The following link gives the story of "Vasilissa the Beautiful".
  • Babba Yagga according to some would be THE MAIN Russian witch in Russian legends... She is a cannible, cruel, clever & FOREVER HUNGRY... She lives in the Blackest woods there in Russia. According to the storys she is a horrid corpse like hag who lives in a chicken leg house... Her Fencing & lanterns are made from the bones of her many vicitms... Ms Yagga is immortal & can never be killed by gun, knife or other types of weapons... One of her storys is featured in the "Hellboy" Comics...

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