• I've been wondering why GIRLS do that!!!
  • He is just fooling around..I do that to girls as well..They don't get me and think i like em...But really, i'm just fooling around and killing time...
  • He's either doing it just for fun, or because he doesn't know how you feel. Make sure he knows that you like him. If he still keeps doing it, he's probably just messing with you.
  • As a girl, I've done this to guys. Sometimes I liked them, sometimes I didn't.. but either way, it was a way of telling him I felt comfortable with him. Now, we could go into morals about this... of how it's right or wrong.. or neither.. but if it's bugging you, you should talk to him about it. He is really the only person who can tell you why he does this, even if other people can read into it. Just simply 'cause there are so many different meanings as to why people behave this way. Also, it's not healthy to wonder about something all the time that you could simply just talk about. You already talk to him.. so why not ask? I did that once with a guy. I was like "So.. you confuse me.." and went on into this whole conversation with him, and after that he realized what he was doing, or at least admitted it, and stopped.
  • becuz he's a player! Run!
  • He may not be doing it on purpose. He may be genuinely confused. But the bottom line is, you don't like the way he's treating you. So keep looking for other guys.
  • I would give him the cold shoulder and act like im talking to someone else. Then everytime you talk 2 him tell him what a good friend he is and id make sure id emphasize the word FRIEND. Evenutally he'll start flirting to win you back and he does, id ask him if he maybe likes me a lil more then just a friend and see what he says.
  • Girl your are preaching to the choir. I think at the time he flirts with you he is truly interested in you but that's the tough thing to grasp with guys, the next day he has "more important" things going on. Most guys don't hold relationships as high up as women do. So what you want and what he want are pretty different. He wants a girl he can screw around with then the next minute treat you like one of the guys. Don't stand for it. If you are intrested in a relationship with him then make it clear and if he still acts this way throw him to the curb. You're no friend with benefits (slut) His loss. Good luck.
  • He's probably just flirting for fun. Don't take him too seriously.
  • he doesn't know he does that

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