• I believe he is a movie director! Mr Bill
  • He is a liberal icon, supporting the extreme left's propaganda machine in the movie industry. People actually believe his movies content, using contrived information in them as fact to support their positions yo...
  • Noooooo...he's about as Liberal as they come
  • "Oliver Stone goes conservative with Bush biopic `W.'" "His take on President George W. Bush is artistically conservative, and, while not exactly politically so, it often crosses the line from creating personal compassion for the much-maligned chief executive into letting him off the hook. Perhaps Stone doesn't want to get yelled at by a million right-wingers again. But buying the administration's story that Bush really did believe Saddam had WMDs until well after the Iraq invasion is one thing; making a Bush movie that doesn't dramatize 9/11 nor mention the historic 2000 election controversy is negligent at best - and craven if it was left out in hopes of dodging partisan criticism." Source and further information:

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