• MY: a type of PRONOUN called a possessive adjective; describes the noun "cow". COW: a NOUN, a word for a thing, SUBJECT of the sentence. WALKS: the VERB, what the subject does. IN: a preposition; relating the noun "barn" to the verb "walks". THIS: a type of PRONOUN called a demonstrative pronoun, used to indicate the nearness of the "barn". BARN: a NOUN functioning as the OBJECT OF THE PREPOSITION "in".
  • The first answer given is perfect. I'm just here to correct your spelling. Speech isn't spelled with an a. Your teacher might get cross with you if you muck up your spelling.
  • First name the word You misspelled
    • notyouraveragedummy
      The noun "speech" (speach) is functioning as the object of the preposition "in"; "the parts of speech" is a prepositional phrase functioning as the direct object of the verb "name". The subject of that sentence is the inferred pronoun "you".

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