• The first time was was in 1959 when my uncle got sick-he didn't beat the odds. Neither did my other uncle 14 years ago. My step father (the father who raised me) was diagnosed with lung cancer about 7 weeks ago. He's fighting to win now.
  • My grandmother and two aunts all died from it. My oldest sister and my daughter are survivors. My sister-in-law is now fighting it.
  • My mum had cancer of the nymph-glands. After many years of treatment, she got the all clear.
  • My grandmother died from lung cancer a couple of years ago. I saw her die in front of me.
  • my grandfather died before i met him my friend dwaine died my freshman year of high school my great aunt died when i was in 6th grade - that was traumatic, i saw her the night she died my mother had her insides taken out a few years ago, she's doing well my aunt also had the same thing and same results my cousin is a survivor, i think ovarian, or breast, i don't remember in high school i had a friend named chavela, she is a survivor. lymphnodes, hips and thyroid. currently my great grandma has it in her lungs liver and spine - and no she didn't smoke wednesday was her first day of chemo
  • Since I haven't had contact with my father in 15 years, I am not sure about his side of the family, but on my mother's side, I had one uncle(my favorite, the one who taught me to shave) who got colon cancer. it was fairly aggressive and he went downhill fast. He passed in less than a year. Next was my favorite aunt, the baby of the brood(8 aunts/uncles on this side), whom I lived with for a year. She had breast cancer, and tried vorociously to beat it. I took her on several chemo/road trips. After 9 months, it had spread to her brain, and within 1 month, she was gone. Both of these were big losses to me, and I think of them often. How much more could I have helped? What could I have done. The answer is nothing. Right now, another uncle is sick, cancer. I haven't been close to him for a long time and don't plan to. It's too hard. Mostly I try to watch my mother and keep her healthy. I am not sure that I can accept that kind of loss at the time, although I know it will come eventually. I don't know that any one person can make this better, but through-out all, I have known that things happen for a reason, and those lost are where they are supposed to be, and they are happier there. I wish you the best of luck in this time of ill-health, and hope that understanding of "God's Master Plan" may console you.
  • my grans, and friends mum died from it.
  • my bestfriend was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma when we were teens and after a year of chemo and radiation, she went into remission. that was 30 yrs ago and she has had NO return of any types of cancer and even became a mother after they told her it would be impossible! and treatments have improved tremendously since then. peace.
  • Three of my grandparents and a close friend have all died from cancer.
  • I dated a guy that was diagnosed with non hodgkins lymphoma. He shunned everyone including me. Stopped talking to me despite my efforts to help. We eventually broke up. The last time I heard from him, he was getting better though. Haven't heard from him since. My grandfather passed away two days after he was diagnosed with lung cancer. He knew he was fighting a losing battle and was ready to go home.
  • My grandmother had breast cancer and survived A dear friend had breast cancer went in to remission then it resurfaced 2 years later and she died My Dad died from colon cancer
  • I have a bunch of relatives that died cause they got cancer...meh. They sucked anyway.
  • Cancer has entered my life through My blood, ive had it for about 2 months now, and so far, so good. i have a slowly progressing leukaemia, glad it was caught early! eh?
  • My grandmother died from a rare form of cancer of the white blood cells I believe. One of my co workers was just diagnosed with Lung Cancer.
  • Cancer tortured my grandfather to death, and currently is doing the same to my grandmother. And lets not forget all the wonderful damage the chemotherapy does.
  • 2great grandparents died of cancer 3 grandparents died of cancer both parents 2 aunts on my fathers side 2 uncles on my mothers side 1 aunt surviver on my mothers side 1 uncle on my moms side I am currently battling a non-curable type that has been slowed but not stopped
  • My wife had breast cancer and, after 3 years, is doing well, but still taking medication. So far, cancer free. My father had brain cancer and died after about 17 months in 1995. I have lost many friends to cancer. I have had many friends that have beaten cancer as well.
  • My mom beat the odds of breast cancer when she was 38. 38! It doesn't run in the family and she was healthy. Bless her, she must have just had the most rotten luck. She got it again and she passed away at the end of September. If it ever happens to me, which I sincerely hope it doesn't, I hope I can beat it or at least go out like a fighter.
  • Both my parents and one uncle died from cancer. I've had some co-workers who have survived thanks to early detection. A friend died exactly 2 years ago today from liver cancer. I had a benign tumor removed from my throat in 2007.
  • 2 of my students have cancer. One had it as a second grader, then after chemo and radiation went into remission. It's back now and she's a freshman in High school. She's a fighter, but it hasn't gone away. The other is a little boy in the 2nd grade. He's a sweetie. He's going through chemo and radiation now, and with each treatment he looses a little bit more of his ability to think and remember things. It's so sad!!!
  • My mom got it at the beginning of the year and refused chemo, but got radiation. The doctor's said chemo would've ruined her because she was so adamant about not taking it. Through the process I felt strongly that she would pull through. Maybe it was part denial that this surprise monster of a sickness could take her, but I didn't feel all that worried, I felt at peace that she would recover, which she now has :)
  • I have lost a number of people in my family to cancer, including my grandmother and a first cousin who was like a sister

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