• I have all mine in high risk and I am loosing my but off. I was told to put everything in low yield and cut down on my contribution until we pull through this financial mess America is in.
  • Leave your money where it is. This is not the time to enter the market if you are not there already.
  • Just leave it alone for right now...I am in the same boat. wait to see what the market does for the next year, you are young and have plenty of time just to sit it out and wait:)
  • I think you should go for it. Intelligent risk takers make the most money!
  • What the pros will tell you ---- buy, buy, and buy, all the stocks you can. With your time frame and the current stock prices there will never be a better time. Stocks have out performed bonds and money markets over any 10 year period over the last 80 years. That said; also divest -- some in safer instruments such as money markets, bonds, Cd's, maybe a little in metals. If I were you and had the money I would also look into real estate either directly or through REIT's, mutal funds that invest in properties. The tough part of buying now is many are scared and the other part is to have a plan and stick to it. Good luck.
    • BRG
      I agree with you..........time is on his side, plus there's the magic of COMPOUND INTEREST......!!.
  • although people feel very shaky for the time being, we live in a very resilient country. Some of the best buisness minds in the world. We will adapt and if you invest can make money off of this downturn. AIG: 3 bucks a share! I'm buying that up in chunks. I would aggressively invest in these cheap stocks unless you are in your retirement years. Look what Warren Buffet is doing..........He's buying!!!!
  • I would leave it until the economy is on a solid upswing
  • Invest aggressively in under-valued stocks of well known companies with a past history of longevity and success. If they happen to pay a decent dividend, all the better. Remember, stocks have historically outperformed other investments when investing for the long term. Sit on the fence, as many would have you do, and you will miss opportunity. If you wait for the economy to pick up, you'll be buying stocks at value and not reap the incredible profit potential available by investing now. They key is weathering the short-term storms when they occur.
  • Now isn't a good time to enter the stock market, it's at an all time low. Save your money and wait a while.
  • I don't think the market has bottomed out yet.. I've heard predictions of the DJIA sinking to 6,000. Stay where you are for now.. if you're lucky, and time it right, you can buy very low and make money when it recovers.
  • I have only about 20 years to retirement but in your place I would most certainly use atleast 20 %of that and put it into blue chip stocks. In fact I always always but when the market crashes because a sold company will do good no matter what the state of the financial market. It is important to buy blue chip not penny stocks.
  • well i have mine setup where some is in high-med-and low and the closer i get to retirement age less goes into high and it drops down to medium and low and im only 30. will you answer mine?
  • I think you should invest in stocks at your age. It is good to buy when prices are low, as now. However, it is most important to invest steadily, every month, ... I am recently retired and OK. If I had not done as I say here, over the years, I'd have little today. As I neared retirement I shifted toward bonds, etc. to have interest income, but it was my stock investments over the years that positioned me to be able to do this. Important: stay broadly diversified (not too many eggs in any one basket).
  • If you have the option to do it partially, now is the perfect time to invest in the market. See if they have a good mutual fund available (look for low costs) and put 60-80% in the market (depending on your risk tolerance).
  • i would leave it till i find a good bargain property down town i could rent for my old age .
  • With forty years to go and the market at a low point, I would dollar cost average into an equity mutual fund a little bit at a time. If you invest some of that 401K in regular intervals, weeks, months, you will benefit by buying more stocks (or funds) when prices are low and buying fewer stocks or funds as prices rise. I'd suggest the same amount on a regular basis from the 401K. I wouldn't put it all there but keep some where you have it.
  • Think of money like manure -- you need to spread it around. What this means is that you need to analyze your tolerance for risk and take into account the time (40 years) before you need the money. Create a plan and diversify into a broad portfolio of domestic and international stocks, bonds, and cash. This probably means you will start buying some stock mutual funds, but you should not try to time the markets.
  • I'd leave it right where it is. The worst that can happen is that the interest rate goes down to 0% in which case, you'll have no gains but also no losses. Every time you turn around, you hear of a new scandal in Wall Street. The market is so unstable & volatile that you'll be losing whatever you have right and left (trust me I know, I've already lost half of what I had and was conservatitely invested) plus, there is no guarantee that whatever you buy into isn't a scam
  • The stock advice for a person your age is that you should have nearly all of your money in stocks (equities) The reason for this is that historically, over periods longer than 3-5 years equities have always outperformed money markets, and by quite a lot. A better answer is one that takes into consideration your own temperment. If you make a change in your strategy and promptly lose 10% are you likely to change back? How about 20% or even 50%? If you answer yes, you need to be careful about how you allocate your funds. I still strongly advise that you put some of your money into equities. I would not recommend that you invest directly in stocks, however, unless you have a relatively large portfolio. Instead look for mutual funds as a previos person suggested.
  • I'd wait until the market bottoms and starts a steady climb up before I did anything. Then I'd buy low.
  • market!???!? are you kidding??!!! and FORTY YEARS BEFORE RETIREMENT!!!??? sorry, I have to catch my breath...LOL.. Please google 'asset allocation' & you will see many financial sites that give tests/quizzes to determine your own investment style......take at least 4 of them!! the results will probably surprise you... >>>>> your age, in general, you can afford to be 100% in stock funds (no-load funds!! no commissions to pay!! look 'em up online!! American Century is a good one; I've been with them for 27 years -but I digress!! LOL........ Your asset allocation test/quiz results will tell you the types of funds you should be in...... My own advice would be at least 80% stock funds, then 20% bond funds.... The reason?????? YOU HAVE FORTY DARN YEARS to ride out the ups and downs of the market!!!!!! when this market comes back, & NO ONE KNOWS when this'll be, you'll be in it, nice and cozy!! sure you may lose some, but again, you HAVE TIME ON YOUR SIDE AND THE MAGIC OF COMPOUNDING!!!!!!!! Don't throw away this opportunity!!! You may also want to consider a financial planner..I've been with Ameriprise for many years and they are great......but again, do your homework!! I wish I'd had your opportunity when I was your age!! Good luck!! and have fun!!!
  • I agree with the above comment. If you are going to always be worried (not trust that the US economy will rebound, as it always has)then keep your money where it is. But, personally I think that over the next 40 years, our economy will have plenty of ups and downs. I'm 43 and still have about 57% of my investments in equity funds. Look up the definition of "dollar cost averaging", and it will explain how long term investing will work for you.
  • Why don't you just ask a physician to give you the name of his/her favorite prescription? It makes about as much sense as your question. Before you do anything, go to someone who has been in the financial business for a long time (not your brother in law who started last week), and let them talk with you about all the circumstances that would bear on that decision and all the choices you have and then let them make a diagnosis and recommendation. ONLY THEN might you get a useful answer.
  • Gee...after reading all these "brilliant" answers, let me comment again. Seems that everyone here is an expert. Makes me think of the saying, "water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink". "Brilliant financial advice everywhere" and none of it worth a cr*p. Speak to someone, anyone, even a mediocre professional who will discuss your situation with you. And, by the way, if you still think mutual funds are worth a dime, you are in the dark ages, no matter what your age is.
  • OMG I cannot BELIEVE the amount of FINANCIAL ILLITERACY in our country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they're obviously not teaching anything about personal finance in schools today, huh? if you have FORTY YEARS to retire, you can AFFORD to be a little speculative..........MONEY MARKET? MAY AS WELL KEEP IT UNDER YOUR DAMN MATTRESS!!!!! go to any of the good mutual fund sites and take the little quiz they offer on 'asset allocation'.......that's just a fancy term for 'where you should be investing your money'. they ask you a series of questions, then the results will give you your 'investing style', so to speak. make sure you take at LEAST 3 OF THESE LITTLE QUIZZES. THEN YOU can plan your investments accordingly.... FORTY YEARS!!!!?? I'm guessing you should have ONLY 10% in the MMarket, then about 20 in bond funds, and the rest in the stock market. there are 3 types; large cap, medium cap, and small cap. AGAIN......JUST BIG WORDS for big company, medium size company, and small company stocks......all are important!!! you WANNA BE IN ALL 3 CATEGORIES......... any good mutual fund will have all this stuff. make sure you are exposed to some FOREIGN investments, also!!! ONE MORE THING VERY IMPORTANT make sure you are in a NO LOAD MUTUAL FUND... again, just means they charge the very least for fees, etc..... PLEASE PLEASE DO THIS. you are wasting valuable time, even with 40 years ahead of you!!!! you will be much better off following my suggestions.....I'm 75, retired, 10 years, and learned on my I'm enjoying my retirement!!! so......... GO TO A SITE LIKE MORNINGSTAR, VANGUARD, FIDELITY (ALL GOOD MUTUAL FUNDS) look for 'asset allocation' test, quiz, whatever they call it.. take the quiz go the the next fund site........repeat....... go to a 3rd site, repeat. when you see your 'style of investing'............. LOOK FOR NO LOAD FUNDS IN A SEARCH ENGINE. one I recommend.......American Century........but there are others. PLEASE DO THIS.... I'm literally shaking you by the shoulder!! do this and prosper.........if I can do it, anyone can!!!!! sorry for being so long-winded,but this stuff is very important for your future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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