• People used to come into the pet shop I worked at and get cat milk for rabbits. I don't know how well it worked, but it happened pretty frequently.
  • You need to get some KMR, or kitten milk replacer Check this website for complete info on how to handrear kits. You will need more than just some milk to keep them living.
  • KMR is sufficient. There is a 20% chance that a baby rabbit will survive by human hand-rearing. You should take them to a vet to have this done, so they can monitor temperature around the clock.
  • I just got finished with hand rearing a 10 day old baby, that also had cat wounds, which is more at risk of not surviving, due to pasterella they can get from a cat. She's now 3 months old, and she's healthy, and beautiful. Since she was very young, I used a cats milk called New Born which has the colosseum that they need, and went to KMR couple weeks later. I also sprinkled acidophilus in the milk, that helps with there gut flora, and took cecotropes from one of my other rabbits, to also help with there gut flora too, very improtant that they get that. They need 1 ceco couple times a week. That should do it. You could mush it in the milk or just kind of feed it to them. I just fed it to her, it was easier. The biggest thing that I stress on, is when hand rearing, is DO NOT OVERFEED, only twice a day is all they need, and use the right ml/cc per feeding by age, and they aspirate very easily, so take your time, and feed very slowly. Go to, and read all you can NOW, and even do search on hand rearing, the more you read the better it will be for you and your babies. Good Luck

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