• I don't know, randomness can be good sometimes. I like being random. But if you really want to be less random, I guess try associating yourself with certain phrases and just keep using them over and over again. Like, whenever somebody says 'Thank you!'...come up with a routine 'No doubt!' Or 'No no, thank you!' I'm not sure what I'm talking about but I'm sure you'll figure it out :)
  • Random, like you can't carry on a conversation without wandering off the subject? Random, like you can't start out for one place without ending up somewhere else? I'm not sure I understnd.
  • I'm very random as well, embrace it - it's a good quirk to have
  • I would take it as a compliment, but that's just me. Predictable can be boring.
  • i wouldnt care what others thought.
  • its good bering random... to an extent. Maybe think about what ur about to say before you say it
  • You can't please everyone. If you were to rigidly always stick with the subject at hand, you'd bug the people who are random. I think you should just keep being the way you are. You'll attract people you like and that you get along well with.
  • Most people who say this consider it a compliment. Personally I find it one of the most annoying adjectives someone could use for me. It means nothing except that they were unable to follow with me from subject to subject. Or they just aren't paying attention. Since they mean it in a complimentary way, I don't say that, but I don't really thank them like I believe they're expecting. But I guess that just makes me more "random" to them. LOL
  • why don't you like it? I think randomness is a good thing
  • Being random is awesome!

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