• Nah not to me. Out of touch, yes. But not angry.
  • The pictures newpapers put up of him with a sour face may make many people think that. But I've been watching him, listening to him speak, and he is not an angry old man. His voice is gentle, he speaks directly and to the point. If his body language is hard to read, it's because it's been broken from years of torture. That's why his arms & shoulders don't look "normal". (and why he can't e-mail) It's no accident that the pictures chosen by the newspapers show him with a snarl. That's what they are counting on to sway you.
  • He is not an angry old man, he tries to act like a bully at times but it is not his nature to be one, there is nothing further than that.
  • No, but he is known to have a temper. He'll need to tone that down if elected.
  • Oh, yeah. And curmudgeon-ly, and outdated, and out of touch, etc.
  • his temper is legendary. and yes, he is old and he has had repeated bouts with melanoma. i wouldnt say he is generally an angry man, but it happens much too often for my tastes. and he isnt apologetic about it. thats unacceptable behavior in my opinion. recently, his demeanor at the debate alarmed me. he couldnt look at his opponent in the eye and he seemed to be seething. i also find his responses to current events (e.g. the georgian attack) to be needlessly aggressive and over the top. i think his temperament is too volatile for the presidency. here are some washington post articles that have reported on his infamous temper (one article in February 2008 prior to him receiving the Republication nomination, April 2008 which was afterwards, and one in 1999 ~ just for a historical perspective): frightening stuff...
  • *All* old men seem angry to me! "Get off my @#$%'n grass, kid!" ;-)
  • I thought he was about to have a stroke at the debates!
  • No, but he was and is passionate. Once again, I say congrats to Barack.
  • I did worry that he would get in and his PSTD would rear it's ugly head ............but he did seem very sweet and grandfatehrly most of the time:) I'm personally very happy the Obama go in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Not if you heard his concession speech and understood it as the words of a true patriot and great American. He is so far from an angry old man that even using the phrase to describe him demonstrates a complete misunderstanding of the man.
  • No I think he fought as hard ad he could, poor thing sounded like he had a Hair-ball in his throat during his speach, I really felt sorry for him. I wanted to give him a little butter for it lol. I think tonight he will finally realize that the american people are tired of lies & false promises and false hope.
  • He did, but his concession speech tonight seemed genuine and actually earned my respect.
  • "Hey you kids! Get off my Lawn!" Big time.
  • No, he was gracious in defeat and vowed to support his new President and Country. Doesn't sound angry to me :o)
  • i feel so bad..i kinda wish he won..i think both of them are good candidates..
  • He seems to be that way. Apparently, he went off quite angrily on Imus (one of his cronies, even) for asking why he choose Sarah Palin as his running mate. He also appears a tad delusional if you ask me
  • Not at all. I thought he showed a lot class in his speech. Thumbs up from me.
  • Old, but not especially angry...
  • Would you call Obama "an angry [ insert N-word here ]?" No? Then why allow your agist prejudices to show when discussing those older than you? Hmmmmm?
  • More than a little peeved about denied access to the Presidency, of which he seems to feel entitled to.
  • Not really. And I think he's someone to respect. It just wasn't the right time for him. And, I don't think he is forward thinking enough to be President now. I don't think there will be a President elected that is similar to him for quite a long time.

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