• Well your probaly thinking that you like someone or something like that but really you probaly just need a new mattress cause that is what kep happening to me till i got a whole new bed set with a mattress and now I can sleep so good.
  • I am not a professional but it sounds like Insomnia (or other sleep disorder) to me. I would consult a physician to possibly reccomend something to help you relax at bedtime so you can fall asleep easier. If taking any medication is not for you try wearing warm socks to bed. Supposedly it has a calming effect and will help you to fall asleep faster. As for the mind going 90 to nothing, try writing down your thoughts and then lay them aside to sort out in the morning.
  • Try some Melatonin. I take it every night and sleepmuch better as a result. It's an herbal supplement you can get for a few dollars at WalMart and is not habit forming or dangerous.
  • They say to only use your room for sleeping. Do other activies elsewhere, so when you're body is getting ready to go in that room to sleep your mind will follow. It's just what I heard. If you have been busy all day studying and concentrating hard on subjects than your mind will be racing. You need to lay down an hour before bed time and relax. Calm yourself with mediation or watch a little t.v. I used to do homework until right before bed and all the things I had learned wouldn't leave my mind. It's normal. Just leave enough time before bed to settle down. No exercising right before bed. And if you're upset about something than you should discuss it with someone before going to bed. Talking it out helps.
  • Before going to bed take a 30 jog. You'll sleep good and Fast!
  • Before going to bed take a 30 jog. You'll sleep good and Fast!
  • you probably just have a lot on your mind

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