• Doesn't everyone? I usually have a few in my office refrigerator ... just in case. ;-)
  • Nope. I don't even keep any in my car. I figure a poor college student looking for tomato soup could use them much more than I could. :)
  • No, I ask them for only enough to use right then. If I get extras, I end up throwing them away, because I don't want them junking up my kitchen!
  • You have been spying on me! Haven't you? I have a little box in my fridge where I keep all my "doggybagged condiments from restaurants. (lol) I got your soy sauce, your horsey sauce, all your honey-mustard, your sweet and sour, your tartar sauce...OK, I am cheap, lower middle class, and I hoard condiments, what else do you want to know about me?
  • Yep. And I love it when they put way too many napkins in the bag.
  • Yep, sometimes I do take them home. *guilty* :(
  • Yep. Ketchup, ranch dressing, jam, bbq sauce, the works. I've been out of sugar for two weeks and have survived soley on sugar packets. Those suckers just come in handy!
  • Yes, at Wendy's, you can take lots of the little salt and peppers. I keeps some home and in the car, just in case. They don't care, and their small, so you can grab a lot:)
  • sometimes yeah, I put them in my husbands lunch cooler!
  • I hoard them. I don't think I could ever use them all, but the thing is I used to work in fast food, and once those packets have gone out, even if a customer leaves them out unopened, you can't give them to the next customer. Seems so silly and wasteful to me, so yeah, I save 'em.
  • those little packets of miracle whip come in handy when you travel. I often take things like canned meat or even buy bologna when I am staying in a motel and those come in so handy.. beats having to buy a big jar that will get broken and is extremely hard to get open (then you need silverware).. awesome idea I learned a LONG time ago
  • I save the hot sauce and the .duck sauce from the chinese food place. I love hot sauce on my chicken wings. I keep equal sugar and hot sauce packets in my desk at work. hehe. Always comes in handy
  • I especially keep the ones like sweet & sour sauces and other sauces. Ketchup and mustard, I don't keep. Also I keep the napkins.
  • yeah, I do, it can save a little money if I have a stash of ketchup packages rather than buying a bottle of ketchup. Napkins, handwipes, etc are useful too.
  • Yes, I do always save a few here and there, because I always end up needing some of them.
  • Yes they are great for lunches you bring to work. Mustard or mayo tends to make your sandwich soggy after a while. The hot mustard packets from the Chinese Restaurant are great on hot dogs.
  • yes indeed i save a handful of em..and take them along on trips. i have about 100 ketchup and mustard packets saved. my dad saves ten times of what i have lol.
  • I save them and use them when I go on picnic's with my husband.

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