• To Chris, who is gone on vacation, or has computer problems:...because I am an egotistical little critter and I want to know everything God knows.
  • i want to see new world
  • For the shopping of course!
  • It is not the destination but the journey. If you're exploring the entire universe, that's a lot of time in the starship. The sights are lovely. And yes, I even included Uranus, just for you Chris.
  • I don't, for earth is the crowning jewel of creation, which is why we are the perfect distance from the sun, and the only planet, at least that we know now, that can currently support life. Think of it like this. Imagine combating intergalactic terrorism or intergalactic poverty and/or hunger.
  • Because it's a magnificent place filled with wonderful things; in short, because it's there.
  • Curiosity, as simple as that.
  • Cause I'm human and naturally curious.
  • <--- Cat = curious
  • Because it is there. However, I am interested in the Quantum Physics aspect (you know..wormholes, black holes, spacetime continuum, time travel, multiple dimensions, parallel universes), not the NASA visit to another planet aspect of it! :) ((hugs))
  • The short answer is because it there and I'd love to know what it holds. . The long answer begins with exploring out solar system for practical reason. It's quite possible that abundant non-polluting and for our purposes, limitless energy and resources lie within reach and could be the cure for our polluting ways. Also, all life in the universe that we know of exists on one rock and is vulnerable to our own idiocy, natural disaster, or another rock from space. I think we should expand life's footprint in the universe and make sure all life's eggs ain't in one basket. +6
  • I just want to find out where eternity begins and what does eternity entail.
  • I ought lives in the recesses of my heart
  • I have no desire to explore the universe :)
  • I am so curious how it would feel like to be in space ...the fact that its so huge and endless and its just fanscinating to me , hard to put in words.
  • Well I don't... I hear the people on Alpha Centurion are real ass*oles. and they drive shitty too!
  • I want to learn how to live forever and have everything I want whenever I want for all eternity.
  • i want to know what's out there. and if there's something really awesome, i want to be able to use it to help humanity, and open some narrow minds.
  • Its about being part of something that is bigger than yourself, and realizing that its more important to change the world for the better than it is to change just your life for the better. I dont seek riches or lifestyle comfort, I search for knowledge that might one day inspire someone to do something great or for me to actually do something great myself. Humans are natural born explorers and that trait is very very strong in me. knowledge of how things work and the appropriate use of that knowledge will one day make sure that all those who seek riches can continue to do so!
  • To improve life overall with the knowledge gained.
  • I've liked space since I was 11 years old, and I'll tell you why I like astronomy. I want to explore the universe because it's so fascinating. Space is not like Earth, which is boring. The beauty of the planets, to find the unknown that we can't seen beyond our natural eyesight...
  • Because we are like sperm and we need to give rebirth to another planet so that human existence can survive, that's how sperm re live , rebirth in to humans..our planet will die one day without our help , will we get there on time is the question? we may not be here when it happens but our childrens children may.

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