• No. I know of some very intelligent people that are religious.
  • One's religion or lack thereof and the level of one's intelligence are not related.
  • Yes. The elite group of intellectuals are not religious minded. Steven Hawking is a good example.
  • Intelligence has nothing to do with being religious or being not religious. I do not agree with you on this.
  • no. i know many intelligent people, some are religious, some are not. i also know many people who aren't that bright, some are also religious, some are not.
  • Absolutely. Religion is the surest way to atrophy a thinking mind
    • Sue Scarcella
      Hate to burst your bubble, but I have been a believing Christian for over 40 years, and my IQ has actually been measured higher now than it was when I was in High School. My husband has more qualifications than I can even remember now, and is doing his Masters in Arts (Religion) at the moment.
  • I do not agree.
  • Higher level thinking people frequently come to trust critical thinking skills that can be verified and mistrust things like religious dogma that requires blind faith and seriously lacks credibility. When people pray for someone to survive a disease and they survive then they say "God saved them". But when those people die it's because "God works in mysterious ways". Believing that prayer does ANYTHING is something we wish was true but it is not. Not Jesus or any other religious figure is going to ride into town and take anybody off to prosperity, power, and happiness. Only YOU have the power to improve your life. Pray if you like but if YOU don't make the effort to improve your life, it's not going to happen.
  • No - how can one be intelligent without minding religion?
  • Absolutely not. Its the complete opposite in fact. Wisdom begins eith the understanding that the bible gives.
  • Intelligent being the operative word.......
  • it is the other way around if anything. just because the world holds someone to be smart doesnt mean they are, a lot of the time its just pride or their famous for something.
    • Bootsiebaby
      Their famous what? You appear to have missed something out there.
  • religion and intelligence does not need to go together just as hate and murder does not need to go together.
    • Bootsiebaby
      How do hate and murder not come together? Yes, there have been murders in my home city, but not without a motive, and that motive is usually a personal grudge. What else could it be?
  • I am not religious-minded myself, but I do know a few people who are and I would say they are reasonably intelligent. People have their beliefs and it is not necessarily a measurement of intelligence.
  • 3-4-2017 It has nothing to do with intelligence, only believing. In the 19th century Americans started moving west and three institutions went with them. There was vaudeville, traveling entertainment. There was lyceum, traveling education and culture. And there was the itinerant preacher, offering a new style of preaching called "hell fire and brim stone". It was very entertaining, only loosely based on scripture, and pastors didn't even try to compete. Instead they switched to preaching public morality and philosophy. Eventually an entire generation grew up not knowing the first thing about the religion they claimed to believe. That is why most Christian churches don't teach doctrines, and most members don't know what they are supposed to believe.
  • Christianity and other monotheistic programs SEVERELY limit the knowledge of their followers, to dumb them down as cattle. These programs are used as tools to keep people from real spiritual knowledge, and the power in the hands of those at the top. Satan is not "evil" as depicted in the Bible, and He and the other Gods (as in the Greek Gods etc) love humanity. Learn the TRUTH:
  • There is no correlation between intelligence and having faith. Over one third of the top scientists in the world are deists of some sort. Most of the greats of early science were believers.
  • On the contrary, intelligence shapes religiosity. Religion confers on adherents benefits such as building secure social attachment, mandating self-control and building a sense of self-worth.
  • Based on my personal experience: no. Of the four most intelligent people I've known (including at uni), three were quite devout. The fourth, I'm not certain.
  • If that was the case then most of our scientific discoveries wouldn't of happened.
  • No. As then we'd both be wrong, and no one wants to stand next to you on anything.
  • No. Most people in the world are religious so that would make any demographic statistically more likely to be religious.
  • Quite the contrary. To maintain a secular belief requires dismissing facts that support religion - this makes you intelligence-deficient.
  • Yes. A true atheist is independent minded while religious people rely on each other’s delusions not making any sense. In other words, religious people are like a herd of sheep. If someone jumps off a cliff another person would follow but that’s just a context. A true atheist is not religious unaffected by peer pressure and religious delusions due to logical thinking and having a sense of reality. That’s being intelligent. Whenever a religious person is asked to prove their god, they are full of meaningless words and no physical evidence which is typical. They use their fairytale bible as an excuse to backup their ridiculous claims. Non-religious people are more capable of doing their own thinking.
    • Army Veteran
      Your use of the word "delusions" disqualifies your comment from the ranks of intelligent thinking. It's a biased assessment of your "independent-minded" beliefs. You're saying that atheism is an acceptable dogma but the ideology you oppose isn't. Atheism can't exist without religion. It's like racism - you can't validate your own position without something to oppose.
    • Shadow
      So you’re saying I am racist just because I dismiss religious bull$hit? That’s bull$hit talk. Atheism is not a belief. You have it wrong which is typical of a religious person. Religious people always get the wrong idea about atheism because they don’t understand it. You say atheism can’t exist without religion but yet it’s because of religious people talking about their imaginary friend called “god” that makes logical people be atheist since religious people fail to show physical evidence in their stupid claims. Atheism is an awareness which you don’t understand

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