• I went to a CAMRA real ale festival and tried one called 'Legs Eleven' it was 11% and disgusting!
  • I have tried a nice beer recently made by Stone called, Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine which is 11.26 % alcohol. It tasted really good and I could hardly tell it had that much alcohol by the taste. I don't really know why they call it a wine, but it tastes like beer. It was like $6 for a 22 or 24 oz. bottle, but to me, well worth it.
  • Black Label 40's are 11%... they'll get ya flying!!
  • Over here in the UK ,Special Brew by Carlsberg is a good memory blocker... its over 9%...i only ever drink it when there's a "Y" in the day of the week...
  • I drank a lot of Bier in Germany, I never knew the percentages but then I still don't remember what I did on that tour anyway.

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