• They are all liars which happens to be true btw.
  • In this case, the sterotype is too often the truth- they lie to get elected/re-elected and don't really represent the people.
  • They never worry about their bank accounts or homes foreclosing
  • they fake and make everything to their advanage.they are very good liers and very convincing aswell.
  • Moneygrubbers... Not all of them are, but... By the same token, I believe a LOT of politicians get into the business to REALLY help people. The problem then comes about that they have to please their political party, and, maybe, keep promises to people who helped them get where they are in the position to help. They also have to contend with the OTHER party's people. And now, they have to contend with a world-wide press, full of people who believe THEY know it all, and find ANYTHING they can about that politician to report. (Good doesn't sell, bad does!) Here's an item I wrote a couple of years ago about a local vote. The same holds true for the national vote, only moreso, because there are so many MORE politicians in that arena.
  • That Politicians are out of touch with the common man...oh, wait they are. ;) JK
  • they are all corrupt and all they care about is their expense account..not the American people (which Bush has actually proven)
  • How can you tell if a Politican is lying? Their lips are moving.
  • That they will lie just to get votes
  • They are all self-serving, manipulative liars.
  • They are not to be trusted.

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