• I am not comfortable with most aspects of my life and yet can't seem to break out of it to get to a better place :)
  • financially I am very comfortable. working on the rest.
  • Trying to Maintain But It is getting ugly Financially;)
  • Yes, I'm in a more comfortable place than I've been for a very long time, but I think I will always be trying to better myself as well.
  • I am very comfortable in my life, but I am always working on improving myself.
  • Yes but I am always trying to improve as there is always room for maneuver
  • To some, I am in a comfortable position. To me, I could do better so I am always trying to better myself. Whether it leads to anything is another question.:)
  • I'm considered an old guy now but I am always trying to learn something new. Comfortable? That would depend on the current situation. I suppose overall...yes.
  • I'm a work in progress.
  • Not sure that's an "either/or" question for me. In fact, I know it's not. I'm most comfortable and in my zone when my general approach to life is open, curious and learning. In another sense, guess we can think about bettering ourselves or making changes .. only when we become "uncomfortable". You know - that old thing about humans not liking change and not really likely to take risks when "comfortable". Even there, I'd be on the flip side of the coin. I thrive on trying to become more fully human as the days, weeks, years go by. The older I get, the MORE I want to keep doing that vs less. It's not so much a "destination" as a "way of being" in the world, if that makes sense? Yup, comfortable in my own skin, no matter all the other variables of life. Yup, figure part of why we're on the planet is to become better human beings, so that's ever an "under development" proposition. lol Sometimes "bettering ourselves" doesn't have to be something we're reaching for either. Sometimes it can be learning how to more fully appreciate who and where and how we "are" .. and becoming more fully present and aware of our own lives .. and those around us. :)
  • Yes (more comfy than I've ever been), and yes (why wouldn't you want to better yourself all the time).

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